Mysterious Sounds Coming From Canada’s Arctic November 2016 | Military Is Investigating

The Canadian Military Is Investigating a Mysterious Noise In the Arctic

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In the tiny Arctic hamlet of Igloolik, Nunavut, hunters say a mysterious sound, seemingly coming from the bottom of the sea, is driving wildlife away.

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Mysterious Sounds Coming From Canada’s Arctic November 2016

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Breaking News: Inuit hunters are hearing a mysterious apocalyptic sound coming from the sea floor near the community of Nunavut its a hum and pinging noise scary the hell of them. Sounds and video by Didier Manchione all rights reserved Moonfull publishing Socan Canada 2016 MUSICNEWS NETWORK.

Mysterious Loud ‚Ping‘ Sound Coming from Sea Floor in Northern Canada

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Hunters in a remote community in Nunavut are concerned about a mysterious sound that appears to be coming from the sea floor.
The „pinging“ sound, sometimes also described as a „hum“ or „beep,“ has been heard in Fury and Hecla Strait — roughly 120 kilometres northwest of the hamlet of Igloolik — throughout the summer.


Apocalyptic strange sound was heard again in Slovakia – 15.10.2016 – What is it ?

das hört sich ja schrecklich an !!!

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erneut Strange Sounds

Strange Sounds in the Sky HAPPENING WORLDWIDE 2016… (Real Footage!)


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WHAT IS IT? It is now happening more frequently…strange sounds in 2016. Unexplained Loud Booms shake houses too!

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Strange Sounds Being Heard Worldwide 2016… (Shocking Footage)

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HEAR IT FOR YOURSELF! January 2016- Strange Sounds are Being Heard Across The World…What are these strange apocalyptic noises people have been hearing???? Please share this video!



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heard all over earth since 2011 end time trumpet sounds shofar sounds singaling the end of time and beginning of our time with Christ


Strange Sound (Strange noises) Strange Sounds Sky Heard in the Skies, Trumpet Apocalyptic?

Published on May 25, 2015

Strange Sound (Strange noises) Strange Sounds Sky Heard in the Skies, Trumpet Apocalyptic?. Strange Apocalyptic Sounds WORLDWIDE 2015. strange sounds in the sky 2015, strange sounds in the sky 2014, strange sounds sky, strange sounds 2012, strange sounds 2015, strange sounds around the world, strange, sounds decoded, strange sounds being heard around the world, strange sounds around the world 2015, strange sounds in terrace bc canada, The same voice is heard in many accounts in countries around the world, This mysterious voice is heard not only in several cities, but is also being heard in many accounts in place across the countries in the world.

Here are a few countries which successfully recorded by witnesses in European countries such as Spain in Barcelona, Belgium, Netherlands, Riga Latvia, Reykjavik Iceland, Denmark, Budapest Hungary, Norway, Poland, Greece, Macedonia and Arta also Kiev in Ukraine and Czechoslovakia to Russia, but also included in the island nation such as the United Kingdom, in London, the West Midlands, Nottingham and Glasgow Scotland and also in Ireland.

In addition to these countries, the voice is also heard in several cities in North America, namely in the USA itself as Chicago, Houston Texans, Philadelphia, Venice Florida, Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles to Oahu, Hawaii.

Also in Canada, such as in New Foundland, Vancouver, Edmonton, Conklin, Alberta, Manitoba and Montreal as well as Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada, besides the mysterious voice is also heard in Mexico.

Not only that, the mysterious voice is also heard in South America (Latin) as in Curitiba Brazil, Chile and also in Acosta, Costa Rica.
Even the mysterious and strange sound is also heard in the southern hemisphere of the Earth, namely in New Zealand and Australia at Melbourne.

Project Blue Beam läuft ? Flugzeug verschwindet komplett während Videoaufnahme

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