Flache Erde Rußland super Kultur …vor Arche Noah. (Ohne Gottes hilfe unmöglich))

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The Biggest Cover Up In History Is History | Antediluvian Artifacts | Forbidden History | Nephilim

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Dr. Klaus Dona gives an excellent presentation on Antediluvian artifacts. Antediluvian civilizations are believed to have existed before the Great flood of Noah. If the fossil record is indeed the result of the Biblical flood as described in the Bible, then it is somewhat expected for evidence of antediluvian (pre-flood) civilizations to exist.

It is assumed by many that humans reached advanced stages of technological development before the flood. Such presuppositions are usually based on the Biblical genealogy, which states that ancient people lived to approximately 10 times our current life span.

All accounts of the Great flood from civilizations around the world indicate that there were civilizations before the flood. However, as a result of the destruction during the flood and the passage of time, the remaining evidence is scanty.

As a result of the flood, the earth was covered in hundreds of feet of sediment, and very little of the antediluvian horizon has been exposed. It is also problematic that the scientific community is quick to dismiss any artifacts that dispute their presupposed interpretation of the fossil record.

Mysterious Black Boxes Found In Egypt

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Inside a tunnel system carved from the solid limestone bedrock, in the desert of Egypt, lay 24 black granite boxes cut with the precision our modern technologies, do not posses. shaped from Aswan granite an extremely hard stone. These massive boxes remain a profound mystery for scholars who are unsure as to what their true purpose was, or indeed how old they are. numerous well known figures have concluded the hieroglyphics written upon them, is of such poor quality it is regarded as graffiti, many people believe Egyptian kings claimed precision made ruins as their own. this is one of the main hypothesis put forward for the Egyptians lack of any records of the pyramids construction. often decorating them in a more primitive form of writing style. The suspected sarcophagi range in weight between 50 and 100 tons.
, their real purpose or maybe indeed their function, remains unclear, although the were clearly of importance, they were cut with such precision in fact they would have remained airtight for aeons.
Researchers like Brien Foerster theorise they are clear examples of Lost Ancient High Technology, created before the time of the Dynastic Egyptians.
Whatever their true purpose was, the truth is that they are beyond magnifisant.
Well regarded studies for example, into the erosion evident on the sphinxes of Giza, have proven to indicate they may be far older than the Egyptian civilisations. by several hundred thousand years, Some even claiming they show evidences of past submersion’s.
The Serapeum of Saqqara is located to the northwest of the famous Pyramid of Djoser.
This necropolis found near Memphis, Egypt, is believed in modern academia, to have been built sometime around 1300 B C E, by Ramesses II.
Just what kind of technology, or indeed what kind of man, could have cut, transported, stacked and placed blocks of stones weighing up to ONE HUNDRED TONS on top of each other with such accuracy?

BidZ-Kongress 2015: Prof. Dr. Sergej Sall – Geophysikalische Waffen, Tesla Technologien

Prof. Dr. Sall ist unabhängiger Analyst, Doktor der physikalisch-mathematischen Wissenschaften, Professor, Sekretär des St. Peterburger Teils der “Russischen Physical Society” und Assistent des Präsidenten der “Russischen Physical Society”. In seinem Vortrag gab er den Kongressbesuchern einen Einblick in seine hochinteressanten – wenn auch extrem kontroversen – Forschungsergebnisse.

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Links zu Themen die in diesem Vortrag bearbeitet werden:

Prof. Dr. Sall sagt, dass Hitler ein Nachkomme der Rothschilds sei

Axel Klitzke: Die Geheimnisse der Tempelanlage Angkor Wat

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%it is intersting videoo Axel Klitzke: Die Geheimnisse der Tempelanlage Angkor Wat Vortrag in der Reihe MysterienZyklus der Fostac AG, diesmal auf der Obermühle in Haßloch nahe .

Angkor Wat – der Tempeldoktor. Auf Rettungsmission im großen Tempel von Angkor Wat» Axel Klitzke im Gespräch mit Prof. Dr. Hans Leisen 29. August 2015 .

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