Energy Pulses & Lunar Waves Captured on Film – WOW – totaler Erklärungsnotstand… und mehr zum Mond

Lunar Wave 2017 Captured

Published on Jan 19, 2017

Captured on January 4, 2017 @ 6:54pm eastern from Ridge Manor, Florida.

Energy Pulses & Lunar Waves Captured on Film

Published on Sep 15, 2015 – gelöscht

This clip explores a possible relationship between energy pulses on the moon and the lunar wave. I compare three captures of the lunar wave and each shows pulses and or energy as the lunar waves are filmed. This will need to be examined further but it may be a finger print of lunar waves. Please try to film the moon September 20th-30th (2015) to include the supposed full eclipse on the 27th-28th. All eclipse footage is valuable as eclipses are manipulated events. Viewer requested T-shirts:

Biblical Eclipse Hoax / Project Blue Beam = Lunar Tetrad Prophecy of 4 Blood Moons- Read Below Vid

Published on Apr 7, 2015

READ !! their is more info at the very end but there is a glitch of time where nothing happens,around 4:54 scoot it up to 5:24 u can see more words shaking with gripping info ..i did not get the whole eclipse ..this video is hardly professional but the message I share will be of importance to the rare who can handle the sabotaged indigestible truth..i am so fkn overjoyed that i am not some new ager or sheopler who cant come to terms with their sacred lunar eclipses being a hoax ,so they would rather say’oh leh’arra she is delusional,everything to her is a hologram or fake,well,its true,i am the rare awake one and you are just to manipulated by your nwo programming and you have been conditioned to buy the fake history books and nasa’s lies,such a fkn turn off,don’t you know nasa faked the moon landing,nasa also promotes these eclipse’s and all of the fake clouds that smother the earth,nasa also made up Global Warming so that they could continue to deliberately heat up the planet with the haarp and the chemclouds to get to the oil in the arctic and to nuke us in nano tech infectious intelligence, nasa is responsible & behind the weaponization of space ,nasa is also in control of project blue beam !! and you are going to fight me on this hoax ,god damn your a product of decades of nwo brainwashing,when is the earth going to have a fkn lunar mars eclipse wtf ?? u fall for anything — you gotta read this horse shit ,look how all of these holy dates coincide with the blood moon prophecy, its fkn staged ,so obvious ! Christians & world wide religions are falling for this biblical hoax hard ,they are prepping us for the second coming rapture of theatrics in 3 & 7D .…. Dates taken from article link above,read the full article though, very enlightening as to why the government would do such a biblical hoax on humanity – – For an example of what is meant by a tetrad falling on Jewish feast days, consider the tetrad of 1967-1968:3 1.Passover, April 24, 1967 — Blood Moon 2.Feast of Tabernacles, October 18, 1967 — Blood Moon (Total Solar Eclipse, November 2, 1967) 3.Passover, April 13, 1968 — Blood Moon 4.Feast of Tabernacles, October 6, 1968 — Blood Moon Biltz and Hagee both make much of the fact that the last three tetrads that fell on Jewish feast days occurred at times when significant events were happening among the Jewish people: 1.1493-1494 — This tetrad followed the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492.-This is so fkn staged ! 2.1949-1950 — This tetrad followed the re-establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. 3.1967-1968 — The beginning of this tetrad occurred right before the beginning of the Six Day war in 1967. Notice that two of these tetrads followed the significant events. Only one (1967-1968) served as a partial precursor of the event. And notice that there was no significant event in Jewish history that was related to the first four tetrads that fell on Jewish feast days. FAKE MOON LANDING DOCUMENTARY -MUST SEE…

There is No Lunar Eclipse Tetrad and Blood Moon is Ghoulish Nonsense

Published on Sep 13, 2015

Once again the blood moon nonsense and eclipse tetrad lie are being pushed by NASA – among others. To top it off the religious community is being manipulated into thinking there is some biblical relevance. The term blood moon is plain and simple fear porn and misuse of an antiquated term that no longer has meaning. It is not possible to predict the color of a lunar eclipse by the rules NASA provides us. The lunar eclipse tetrad is also a lie as the last lunar eclipse never reached totality. More lies from our friends at NASA who lie for a living. Crrow777 podcast website: Viewer requested T-shirts:

A Thank You To Followers and Subs – The Book Burning Begins (DJ)

Published on Oct 6, 2017 – gelöscht
Jason Lindgrens channel Secrets of Saturn will inform people where Crrow777 is running (not on YT) if this channel gets removed by the free speech Gods. ALL CONTENT THAT RUNS HERE IS ON CRROW777RADIO.COM FOR ANYONE TO HEAR FOR FREE.

Secrets of Saturn – A Message From Jason and Crrow777

Published on Oct 7, 2017

A quick word regarding some recent occurrences on Crrow777’s YouTube channel.

atemberaubend – Schatten auf dem Mond – was wäre wenn…?

Danke Anita!
Solch einen „Chemtrailsschatten“ konnte ich vor zwei Tagen direkt ober mir am Himmel sehen, leider hatte ich keine Kamera dabei! Aber darum geht es ja nicht nur in diesem Video, seht euch bitte auch den Mond an und dann gebt euch selber die Antwort auf die Frage, „wie geht das alles?“

Wie geht der Schatten in diesem Bild?

Das Video bitte ganz ansehen!


 Published on Oct 5, 2017
♨ Oct 2017 – What If It’s All Staged. 3:13 it’s „scripted?“ (Must see) . More vidoes: / Suggested videos – (Sources under description) 📌 If you have videos send it to and we will post it! 🏠 Support IMC – 🍀 Paypal Donation 🎥 Sources: Big Thanks! Rethink Everyhing Channel
Dieses Video ist ebenfalls unbedingt sehenswert –

I Cannot Believe This…(Deleted Version)


Objekt fliegt direkt in die Sonne und kommt nicht wieder heraus – wieso? Flache Erde Beitrag 10

Is the Moon Artificial ?

Published on Nov 5, 2014
Is the Moon artificial, possibly a hollowed-out planet, and was it steered from some distant region of the galaxy into a circular orbit around our planet (hence the extraordinary mystery of rock and Moon-dust age variations). Some claim that intellectual life has existed in the Moon for eons. Our closest cosmic neighbor is also a great cosmic mystery. It has power over us, exerting mysterious influences that have profoundly impacted our history and impacts the lives of every one of us every day. But what is the moon? Is the scientific theory that the moon is the result of a huge impact with Earth by a Mars-sized object billions of years ago right? If not, then where did it come from? And, given that higher forms couldn’t exist on Earth without the moon slowing down it’s rotational winds, could it be that our system is not natural at all, but something that was actually created billions of years ago by some vastly capable unknown being? And what does it mean that some occultists have called certain types of people ‚food for the moon?‘ And what does it mean to ‚create a second moon within yourself?‘ Join the host and Louis Proud on a journey to the moon that you will never forget!

THE GREAT WALL Between Worlds – Antarctica Gateway | Erklärung zur Sonne über der flachen Erde | Der Mond… | Erde Beitrag 73

Das folgende Video unbedingt ansehen und abspeichern – es enthält die ganze Sendung mit Admiral Bird

Danke Anita!

THE GREAT WALL Between Worlds – Antarctica Gateway

Published on Mar 22, 2017
►SHARE! The Wall hides within many mysteries and maybe even help understand why the fuss on Flat Earth…

Erklärung zur Sonne über der flachen Erde

Published on Dec 6, 2016

Übersetzung mit deutschem Voice-Over des Originaltitels „Flat Earth – The Sun Explained“ von StinkyCASH

Mondfinsternis bringt Globus-Gläubige in Erklärungsnot

Damit ist ja wohl eindeutig widerlegt, dass die herkömmliche Erklärung ein totaler Blödsinn ist, woher kommt aber dann der „Schatten“ der generell alle Mondphasen macht?

Published on Aug 23, 2017

Wenn die Sonne bei einer Mondfinsternis noch über dem Horizont zu sehen ist, dann kann der Schatten nicht von der Erde erzeugt werden. Was genau für den Schatten verantwortlich ist weiß ich nicht aber diese Beobachtungen passen überhaupt nicht in das heliozentrische Modell des Universums.

The Moon Is An Illusion & No One Goes Above Low Earth Orbit

Published on Mar 4, 2015

After many thousands of hours of lunar observation and research I have come to know that the moon is an illusion and that people cannot go above low Earth orbit. The moon is not a rock in orbit around the Earth. As it is not possible to recap everything in each clip I urge you to watch the wealth of lunar wave footage posted on this channel. Crrow777 podcast website:

Could the Moon be an Optical Illusion ?

Published on Jan 19, 2016

YouTube user crrow777 has published a series of videos which suggest the moon is a man-made illusion and covering something else up. He developed the out of this world theory after he caught on camera something he calls a „lunar wave“ which he claims shows it is a hologram. His latest video of a „lunar wave“ was posted online and he says he was able to predict when it would happen because they are „fixed events“. -News, Podcast, Videos, Etc.


Supermond am Montag 14. November 2016 – 15:52h – Mond im Perigäum

Mond im Perigäum (Erdnähe)

Der Supermond

Fallen Perigäum und Vollmond am gleichen Tag zusammen, wird in den Medien auch gerne über einen Supervollmond gesprochen.

Der Mond erscheint den Menschen auf der Erde besonders groß und man hat den Eindruck, diesen berühren zu können. Dazu kommt oft, dass der Mond zum Zeitpunkt seiner Vollmondkonstellation und Perigäum horizontnah steht.

Allerdings handelt es sich hier um eine Täuschung. Gerade am Horizont erscheint uns der Mond wesentlich größer, hoch am Himmel jedoch sehr klein. Das liegt unter anderem damit zusammen, das unser komplexes Gehirn annimmt, das Objekte am Horizont wesentlich näher sein müssen als am hohen Himmel. Bei Sonnenuntergängen hat man denselben Eindruck. Aber man sollte sich davon nicht täuschen lassen!

Fotografiert man den Mond, wird man feststellen, dass der Mond nur geringfügig seine Größe je nach Abstand zur Erde auf dem Foto aufweist.

Auch die Tatsache, dass der Mond der Erde besonders nahe steht, sorgt nicht dafür, dass der Mond besonders groß ist. Der Unterschied ist zwischen dem entferntesten Punkt und nahestem Punkt so gering, das er mit bloßem Auge nicht wahrnehmbar ist.


Danke Karl!

Supermond im November: Der Mond wird bald so aussehen wie seit 70 Jahren nicht mehr (Video)

Es gibt nahezu jedes Jahr ein astronomisches Ereignis, dass die Welt, oder zumindest Teile davon, in Atem hält. Manchmal sind es Meteoritenschauer ungeahnten Ausmaßes, manchmal eine Sonnenfinsternis.

Dieses Jahr ist es ein „Supermond“, ein Phänomen, dass den Mond extrem groß erscheinen lässt. Ein ähnliches Ereignis dieser Größenordnung gab es zuletzt im Jahr 1948, also vor fast 70 Jahren.


ScienceCasts: 2016 Ends with Three Supermoons

Veröffentlicht am 14.10.2016

Visit for more.

Nothing beats a bright and beautiful „supermoon.“ Except maybe, three supermoons! 2016 ends with a trio of full moons at their closest points to Earth.

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