Die Macher: Waldviertler – Schuhe aus Österreich

Published on Oct 23, 2017
Heinrich „Heini“ Staudinger ist auf den ersten Blick ein gewöhnlicher Kleinunternehmer, der in Österreich Schuhe der Marke „Waldviertler“ produziert und diese über die eigene Ladenkette GEA vermarktet.

Wikispeed – ein Weg der absolut richtig begann und ebenso weiter geht – GENIAL

TEDxRainier – Joe Justice – WikiSpeed

Hochgeladen am 26.12.2011

Joe Justice applies current software development principles to manufacture, achieving extraordinary results in designing a high efficiency and high performance automobile.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)


GENIAL und ABSOLUT innovativ — nicht nur das – sondern auch — vorbild-freude

Den Hinweis auf Wikispeed erhielt ich durch den Vortrag von Franz Hörmann in folgendem Beitrag:

Franz Hörmann – Es geht nur am Rande ums Geld in diesem Vortrag


Scrum Global Gathering 2011 Wiedergeben

The Cars


Help us develop the future of automotive transportation: Bring home your own prototype to Beta Test with us! $25,000.00 USD.

Email info@wikispeed.com for more information or to purchase! You can call us too: 425-312-3996.

THE WIKISPEED SGT01 is built by a distributed team of engineers, researchers, enthusiasts, and passionate supporters. We aim to deliver a mass-production, ultra-efficient, Comfortable Commuter Car, the C3. To finance the development of that car, we are looking for ten lucky homes for clones of our X Prize race car. These ultra-efficient, safe, durable cars are delivered with our Roadster aeroshell body module for stunning looks along with stunning fuel efficiency. These cars are not for everyone. They are road legal, but comfort and convenience stop there. Developed for the ultimate in speed and efficiency, they skip every amenity except an iPhone dock in the dash panel. They do not have a lockable trunk, roof, or cup holders. Step over the side crush structures and fixed door panels then sit down inside like a pure race car for the ultimate in light-weight and simplicity. Help us organically finance our ultra-efficient mass-production vehicles by bringing home one of our ten prototypes, and make the world a better place for everyone who follows.

The SGT01 offers the following:

  • 109 miles per gallon combined (US EPA cycle simulation) according to our internal simulations, which would be a record for a road-legal gasoline engine. This relies on an aggressively streamlined and low shape, and our current Roadster body is iterating to come as close as responsible to this score. We have tested the car internally, while campaigning in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, and with Roush Industries where it scored 69.01 highway on it’s best run before we found the wheels were dragging on the dynomometer and the engine was not correctly cooled, meaning we are confident we can score much higher. We excitedly await our next test at an independent institution and official EPA rankings. Thanks for considering supporting us by driving one of our prototypes!
  • It’s the lightest car ever to achieve a five-star equivalency rating for front-, side-, and rear-impact tests. We have built to NHTSA and IIHS specifications and prepare for official test and rankings. The car has been impact tested at CAPE in Indiana, where the driver’s seat broke loose, allowing us to discover faulty MIG weld seams. The seat mounts have been redesigned and all safety systems iterated. The car has a drivers air bag option but does not yet have an airbag sensor strategy and airbag computer. We excitedly look forward to partnering with an airbag and related safety systems group or engineer to provide a complete and testable airbag system.
  • 0 to 60 MPH comes in 5 seconds.
  • Current top speed of 149 MPH.
  • The ultra-efficient gasoline engine is mid-mounted for optimum efficiency of power delivery and minimal energy loss when turning.
  • 4 gallon gasoline tank for a 400 mile range. No batteries, just ultra-efficient use of gasoline.
  • Prototypes are available for $25,000, in order to give us feedback and help iterate our designs as we aim for a mass market intent vehicle.
  • The body is crafted in Maryland, the chassis built in Washington, the engine and transmission produced in Ohio, and the electronics systems built in Japan and France and the United Kingdom.
  • Mechanicals serviceable by any shop equipped to service current generation Honda engines. Electronics are being packaged into shoe-box sized mailable-modules for mailed service and repair. Modules slide out, providing access to all sides of most components, for ease of self service if desired.
  • Snow and foul weather stable handling with the engine directly over the driven wheels. Snow tires recommended for snow driving.

Current bug report (Updated September 11th 2013):

 Unstable at highway speed turning.
 Wide turn radius at low speed.
 No fuel gauge with current fuel system.
 Overheats intermittently.
 No wipers in current iteration.
 No parking brake in current iteration.
 Airbags not functional.
 No rear seats and belts currently.
 Pulse and Glide not automated.
 No windshield defrost.
 Last EPA test 69 mpg hwy, need to run new test.
 Current aero package likely under 100 mpg highway.

Email info@wikispeed.com for more information or help us iterate! You can call us too: 425-312-3996.

WHAT IF WE ALL SPENT ONE HOUR DOING GOOD? At Wikispeed we are driven to do awesome things to change the world for the better. Our cars are super-efficient which is exactly how we run our business, and we genuinely care about making things better FAST. We are developing convertible bodies as well as a pickup truck, which can be swapped out in about the time it takes to change a tire. Amazing things like this are possible because:

  • Our car is modular—meaning we can swap out parts easily.
  • Improvements to any portion of the car are incorporated immediately, unlike with a traditional car company.
  • Our Agile, distributed international team works on simply creating the best car possible.

Email info@wikispeed.comfor more information or to purchase! You can call us too: 425-312-3996.

Financing Options Customers are invited to pay $25,000.00 at once or in up to 25 monthly payments. Customers may pay ahead at any time, and their prototypes are built as the funds arrive. Customers are sent photos of their car in progress every 2 weeks and are invited to visit their car in progress during the build. When the car is complete and after the final payment has been made, customers are emailed a photo of their complete car and invited to pick up the car and meet the build team, or arrange vehicle transport (vehicle transport is at the customer’s expense). Customers may cancel at any time. If purchase is cancelled or payment is skipped for 3 or more months, WIKISPEED will make reasonable attempt to return half of the custoemrs payments made to date. The car will be completed for the next customer in line.



Reparieren statt wegwerfen aus ALT mach NEU

Unternehmensmodell: Reparieren statt wegwerfen!

Anders Wirtschaften – Wachstum? Nein Danke!

Made in Germany!

Susanne Henkel betreibt in Baden-Württemberg einen 50-Mann-Betrieb für Stahlrohrmöbel. Sie werden von Hand bespannt und bestehen aus hochwertigen Materialien.

Die Devise ihres Wirtschaftens lautet: “Wachstum? – Nein danke.” Umsatzwachstum ist für sie kein Unternehmensziel. “Wertiger werden” lautet stattdessen Henkels Motto.

Gewinne will sie nicht aus immer höheren Verkaufszahlen generieren, sondern aus verbesserten Produkten und optimierten Kosten. Dazu zählt auch, dass zu jeder Liege lebenslang Reparaturen, Neubespannung und Umlackierung angeboten werden Entsprechend werden die Stahlrohrmöbel konzipiert. Immerhin die Hälfte des Neupreises zahlt der Kunde für die Überarbeitung.

Anders Wirtschaften – Wachstum? Nein Danke! | Made in Germany

Reparieren statt wegwerfen – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe im „Repair-Café“ | Quarks & Co | WDR


Na wenn da nicht Freude aufkommt, wann dann?



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