Das richtige Werkzeug sollte immer zur Hand sein :-)

Erstmals poste ich solch ein Video auf w3000 – ist es doch das was wirklich jeder brauchen kann. Betrachten sie es bitte nicht als Werbung, w3000 bekommt nichts dafür, aber als Information für die Innovationen in der Werkzeugentwicklung 🙂 Wer noch kein Werkzeug angelegt hat, sehe sich zuerst die neuesten Angebote an, sie machen vieles was früher nötig war überflüssig.


Published on May 11, 2017

Seltsames geht auf unserem Planeten vor sich | Photoshop für Stimmen :-/


Seltsames geht auf unserem Planeten vor sich -klick hier

Veröffentlicht am 12.11.2016

Hier geht’s zum Mythen Metzger Forum:


Hier die Technologie, die Mythen Metzger anspricht – es ist eine Technik die in Wahrheit bereits existiert und für Mindcontrol verwendet wird. Es werden Stimmen nachgemacht, die authentische Stimme kann reproduziert werden. Dieses Programm soll bald am Markt kommen.

Adobes neues „Phtoshop“ für Stimmen

Veröffentlicht am 04.11.2016

#VoCo allows you to change words in a voiceover simply by typing new words. Presented live during the Adobe MAX 2016 Sneak Peeks, co-hosted by Jordan Peele. Learn more about this year’s Sneak Peeks here: http://adobe.ly/2ffyder

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Motorräder mit Wasserantrieb

In Pakistan fahren Motorräder mit Wasserantrieb

80 Kilometer weit kommen und das mit nur einem Liter Sprit: in Pakistan setzten Motorradfahrer auf Wasser. Wie das funktioniert, ist eigentlich nichts Neues. weiter: http://www.tz.de/auto/motorrad/video-pakistan-sind-motorraeder-wasserantrieb-unterwegs-zr-5101582.html

„Moto Power H2O“ – Water-Powered Motorbike From Brazil

Veröffentlicht am 10.02.2016

With a bit of knowledge in mechanics and a lot of fantasy, a Brazilian civil servant has created, in his garage in São Paulo, what he calls the „Moto Power H2O“.

Ricardo Azevedo has transformed his 1993 Honda NX 200 into a kind of water-powered motorcycle. The bike uses a car battery to produce electricity, and by the process of electrolysis, separates hydrogen from water molecules.

Ricardo Azevedo, inventor: „This device breaks apart the water molecules transforming it into oxygen and hydroge…
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Речная вода – для двигателя гидромотоцикла! – hi-tech

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Навыки автомеханика и фантазия – вот что нужно было Рикарду Асеведу, когда он решил из старенькой „хонды“…

Tesla’s “unexpected” new product reveal postponed til Wednesday

Tesla has moved a new product launch that had been planned for today to next Wednesday, according to CEO Elon Musk.

In a tweet Musk said whatever it is “needs a few more days of refinement” — although it’s not clear whether the extra polish is needed on the announcement or the product itself.

Earlier this month Musk trailed a new product that he asserted would be “unexpected by most”, with the unveiling due to take place on October 17, ahead of a separate Tesla/SolarCity announcement planned for October 28.

Speculation about what the unexpected Tesla product might be has included a new vehicle — perhaps a Roadster 2.0 — or improvements to the company’s driver assistance technology, Autopilot, with suggestions it’s been making significant progress there.

If it’s an update to the driver assistance system it’s possible the postponement to the announcement is related to criticism of the tech in Germany — which stepped up this weekend with the Transport Minister intervening directly via a letter to Tesla requesting it stop using the term ‘Autopilot’ in its marketing.

Earlier this month a study from Germany’s Federal Highway Research Institute also dubbed the Autopilot feature of the Tesla Model S a “considerable traffic hazard”. That report also criticized the company’s use of the term ‘Autopilot’ to describe a driver assistance technology.

Still, it’s equally possible the new product is something else entirely. Either way, Tesla fans only have a couple more days to wait to find out.

Quelle:  https://techcrunch.com/2016/10/17/teslas-unexpected-new-product-reveal-postponed-til-wednesday/?ncid=rss

Bionic: Künstliche Wirbelsäule – Transhumanismus

Mind control: Australian-made bionic spine moves robotic limbs using your thoughts – TomoNews

Veröffentlicht am 25.02.2016

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — There may be new hope for people with spinal cord injuries, thanks to a device that is being hailed as the „holy grail“ in bionics.

Australian scientists are developing a bionic spine that could allow paralyzed patients to move using the power of thought.

The device, a stent-electrode recording array or stentrode, is the size of a small paper clip. Details on the stent were outlined in an article published in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

Bypassing the need for open brain surgery, the stent is instead inserted into the jugular vein using a catheter. It’s pushed up to a blood vessel in the brain, where it then expands.

Electrodes on the stent record electrical activity from the motor cortex, which controls movement, and translate the electrical activity into commands. The commands are sent to a transmitter embedded just below the chest, which in turn sends them wirelessly to an exoskeleton or a wheelchair, allowing the patient to move.

„It’s the holy grail for research in bionics,“ said Terence O’Brien of the Royal Melbourne Hospital, a professor who is overseeing the project, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Scientists tested the stent on sheep for 190 days, and are set to do human trials on three paraplegic patients next year.

The project was three years in the making, and was partly funded by Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council, as well as by the U.S. Army, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.


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