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To our friends around the world –

Today I have very sad words to convey. A little more than a week ago, Ernst left us forever due to what seems to have been a deadly heart attack while he was getting ready to visit a close friend in Switzerland.

I had no premonitions, and I am still in shock. It was so unexpected. I had just put the final touches on our little Mexican home that was to be our “interim solution” – not our final solution! I was flying home to Tennessee on Saturday, August 5 and must have been in the air over Charlotte, North Carolina, when Ernst passed away.

I am not fond of flying, especially of landing, which a pilot friend of mine had once described to me as a “controlled crash.” I always get tense when we land. But Ernst was different – he loved to be in the air in a magnificent flying machine. In the 23 years we have known and loved each other, 17 of them as a married couple, we were never away from each other in thoughts.

“I am with you in spirit,” Ernst always used to say. So was I. I was thinking of him as we prepared to land, cutting through the snow-white clouds, and a memory came to me how Ernst and I had visited in May of 2010 for the first time in Costa Rica after his release from prison. At that time, he said to me: “I love to fly! I feel like a god looking down on the earth, in awe of all of earth’s beauty!”

Is that what Ernst does now – looking down on us from wherever his spirit now dwells? That thought, as esoteric as it is, gives me a shimmer of some comfort.

I will have more to say in my regular letter in September. For reasons we all understand, I cannot be in Germany, not even for Ernst’s funeral. That hurts much more than I can say. But we are in a war for survival, and we must do our duty.

Today, I will send out and also post the following notice via the Internet, and I ask you to share it with friends. Many of Ernst’s supporters are old and do not know how to access a website. Please help me spread the word.


Ernst Zündel, 78, passed away on August 5, 2017 in his 400-year-old ancestral home in the Black Forest, where he was born on the eve of World War II.

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