Heimatflimmern: Dynastien in NRW – Welterfolg mit Eierlikör: Die Verpoortens Doku (2018)

Schon gewusst, dass der Eierlikör ursprünglich ein Avocadolikör war???

Pepe Gotneil

Published on Nov 25, 2018

Verpoorten Eierlikör

Cocoa harvesting machine || How it work cocoa harvest || Noal farm Modern Agriculture 2017

Published on Sep 14, 2017

Making Chocolate: Cacao Tree To Chocolate Bar

Published on Mar 4, 2017


Published on Apr 2, 2017

Celery Harvesting Machine || Modern Agriculture machine || Time to harvest celery Noal Farm 2017

Published on Sep 17, 2017

Picking celery should begin when the lower stalks are at least 6 inches long, from ground level to the first node. The stalks should still be close together, forming a compact bunch or cone at the proper height for harvesting celery. Upper stalks should reach 18 to 24 inches in height and 3 inches in diameter when they are ready for harvest. Picking celery can also include the harvest of the leaves for use as a flavoring in soups and stews. A few plants can be left to flower or go to seed, for harvest of celery seeds for use in recipes and the planting of future crops. Harvesting celery is easily done by cutting the stalks below where they are joined together. When picking celery leaves, they are most easily removed by a sharp cut as well. Read more at Gardening Know How: Celery Harvest – Picking Celery In Your Garden https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/edib…


Von der Raupe bis zum Seidenfaden

Amazing Silk Processing form silkworm – Silk Farm Harvesting

Published on Nov 22, 2017

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