MYSTERIÖSE SCHATTEN-GESTALT erschien plötzlich am Himmel und löste Panik aus! (Sambia)

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Alien Hybrids! Swedish Sisters, Secret, Extraterrestrial’s? More than Meet’s the eye!! unfassbar :0)


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the links dont work now?! people have said! if you are interested in the rest! look up motorway madness! you should find the rest! Please read fully! This is part 1,… Some, may have seen this?! yes old story but it kind of fits ! must be one hell of a reason to won’t to end up under a moving lorry!! they cover lots up! ,.follow it and make your own mind up! more to this than meets the eye!! This is a very interesting Story, very interesting,.. it was from 2008,. if you are interested follow the links! i have below! you have to see and listen to what is being said!,.and follow the whole story! its only about an hour! its worth it!,… like i said very interesting! lots don’t add up! to me they are something else!,….clone’s Hybrid’s Alien?! the police keep saying they are drugged up! well looking at the video’s and listening to what is being said! (by the cops and professor of law and psychiatry, he in the last part!) this is one big cover up if i have ever heard one! IMO! they have been Here for a good while! they have a normal life then all goes wrong They had 2 bags with them! lots of phones and laptops! something not right about all that is shown in this video!
part 2 =…
part 3 =…
part 4 =…
Full credit where its due! BBC/TV land! somewhere i don’t go!!
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Madness in the Fast Lane – Swedish Sisters (full)

Flache Erde Rußland super Kultur …vor Arche Noah. (Ohne Gottes hilfe unmöglich))

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Huge Global Event Underway! Many Instruments Taken Down

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Steiger-Olson Jan 26 – Solar Dynamics Observatory Goes Berzerk plus Particles Hitting Earth HARD

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The Biggest Cover Up In History Is History | Antediluvian Artifacts | Forbidden History | Nephilim

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Dr. Klaus Dona gives an excellent presentation on Antediluvian artifacts. Antediluvian civilizations are believed to have existed before the Great flood of Noah. If the fossil record is indeed the result of the Biblical flood as described in the Bible, then it is somewhat expected for evidence of antediluvian (pre-flood) civilizations to exist.

It is assumed by many that humans reached advanced stages of technological development before the flood. Such presuppositions are usually based on the Biblical genealogy, which states that ancient people lived to approximately 10 times our current life span.

All accounts of the Great flood from civilizations around the world indicate that there were civilizations before the flood. However, as a result of the destruction during the flood and the passage of time, the remaining evidence is scanty.

As a result of the flood, the earth was covered in hundreds of feet of sediment, and very little of the antediluvian horizon has been exposed. It is also problematic that the scientific community is quick to dismiss any artifacts that dispute their presupposed interpretation of the fossil record.

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