Conference: The Age of Reason or the Annihilation of Humanity? ~ Das Zeitalter der Vernunft oder die Auslöschung der Menschheit?

Liebe Freunde,
nicht nur ich mache mir Gedanken und berechtigte Sorgen um das Leben in unserer Welt! – 7.2.2023 im Greg. Kal.

Moderator: Dennis Speed, The Schiller Institute

· Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany), Founder, The Schiller Institute: “How to Avoid Nuclear War: The Nature of Man”
· H. E. Donald Ramotar (Guyana), former President of Guyana: “Russia/Ukraine and its Importance for the Global South”
· Ray McGovern (United States), former senior analyst, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); founding member, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS): ” Know Where You Stand, And Stand There!” 
· Jack Gilroy (United States), Organizer, Pax Christi, NY State/ Pax Christi International; Board Member, New York Veterans for Peace: “In Support of Pope Francis’ Initiative for Peace”
· Amb. Chas Freeman (United States), former Ambassador  to Saudi Arabia, former Deputy Chief of Mission to China: “We Must Change America to Avert War”
· Dr. Jur. Wolfgang Bittner (Germany), Jurist, Author: “We Are in War Mode”
· Sam Pitroda (U.S./India), Telecom and IT Innovator; “Potential for Peace in a Hyperconnected World”
· Diane Sare (United States), candidate for U.S. Senate (New York); Nick Brana (United States), National Chair, People’s Party; Angela McArdle (United States), Chair, Libertarian National Committee: “Can Americans Put Aside Their Divisions to Stop Nuclear War?”
· Pastor Robert Smith, Pastor, New Bethel Baptist Church, Detroit, MI, Chair, Foreign Mission Board, National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.; Rev. Kinzer Pointer, Pastor, Agape Fellowship Baptist Church, Buffalo, NY; Rev. Dr. Ernest Johnson, Professor, Southern University Law Center, Pastor, Windows of Heaven Ministry, Baton Rouge, LA  (United States): “We are Obligated to Speak and Act for Peace,” American clergy support the Pope’s initiative for “negotiations without preconditions” to prevent World War III

Question and Answer Session 

Moderator: Dennis Small, The Schiller Institute and Executive Intelligence Review (EIR)

· Jacques Cheminade (France), President of Solidarité et Progrès party, former Presidential candidate: “LaRouche’s Design for the New Paradigm”
· Celeste Sáenz de Miera (Mexico), Secretary General, Mexico Journalists Club “Reflections on Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Ten Principles for a New Paradigm”
· Prof. Liu Haifang (China), Associate Professor, School of International Studies, Director, Center for African Studies, Beijing University: “China and Trilateral Cooperation for International Development Assistance: Perceptions and Actions”
· Elison Karuhanga (Uganda), Partner, Kampala Associated Advocates: “Uganda’s Oil Project and Energy Independence”
· Prof. Yoro Diallo, (Mali/China), Executive Director, Center for Francophone Studies, Director, African Museum, Institute of African Studies, Zhejiang Normal University, China: “Sino-Africa Cooperation: Building a Community of Peace and Shared Development” 
· Dr. Fred M’membe (Zambia), President of the Socialist Party of Zambia; former editor, Zambia Post; former Presidential candidate: “The Age of Colonialism Must Be Replaced by Win-Win Cooperation”
· Shakeel Ahmad Ramay (Pakistan), CEO, Asian Institute of Eco-Civilization Research and Development: “Sustainable Peace through Inclusive Development: A Case Study of GDI and GSI”
· Marcelo Muñoz (Spain), Founder and President Emeritus of Cátedra China think tank, “If Europe Decouples from China, It Will Sink into Poverty” 
· Julio De Vido (Argentina), former Minister of Economics and Public Works, former member of Congress: “BRICS-Plus: Bringing the Belt and Road Initiative into the Americas”
· Pedro Augusto Pinho (Brazil), President, Association of Petrobras Engineers (AEPET): “The Collapse of the Financial System Raises the Danger of Nuclear Conflict”
· Amb. John Lander (Australia), former Ambassador to Iran, former Deputy Chief of Mission to China, former Director, China Section, Dept. of Foreign Affairs: “Why the West Should Work with China on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as the Alternative to War.”

Question and Answer Session 



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