This is Adama, High Priest of Telos,

and representing all Inner Earth People who join in this and many groups efforts of Divine Light toward our Beloved Gaia.

It is my pleasure communicating with Zadun, who stood with me as priest in Lemuria, who is now Johan, and who remembered the healing energies and the use of Noni, what was brought with us to earth long time ago and still known as a Polynesian Healing Fruit.

Finally we get to work together again and more who join in this great work of Divine Light with Source through CMAton, stem from the Golden Age of Lemuria and are incarnated now at the moment of great progress for Gaia towards her own leap of Ascension.

As Surface and Inner Earth People all stand together as occupants of the same sacred globe, so do our Celestial Brothers and Sisters stand together with all of us as CMAton has returned to usher in this Great Moment of Divine Surge in Unity, Love and Light, Peace, Unconditional Service, as some of us in the Inner Earth have continued for long time now and know that the time has come to emerge from our sactuaries and live together with our ascending Brothers and Sisters presently on the Surface of Mother Earth that will be undergoing great changes for the better. With great pride we shall walk together on and amidst its renewed beauty and vigor with many who will come to visit and learn of the many battles of those who choose the dark with those of the Light that finally settled into and through the Divine Plan that our Great Creator Son, CMAton of Nebadon envisioned and is seeing through as we speak. For many, a time of suffering under oppression will be over. Others will get the chance to start all over and join the Light again when they wake up from a prolongued period of learning.

All are loved, but great blessings can only be bestowed upon those who remembered or woke up from a long sleep to the Divine Essence of Who They Realy ARE. And Mother Earth is long overdue to give birth to her new Self, Gaia, the blue pearl of Nebadon, after too long a time of abuse, neglect, depletion and too many sacrifices.

We from Inner Earth are glad to stand and walk together with you, Brothers and Sisters, as has been announced through this Brother that we would come forth to help and our joy and delight will be as great as yours to be united again. Even the cheers in the hearts and minds of our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, who can hardly wait to welcome ALL of Us back to Divine Service to ALL and lives full of abundance is encouraging us so much more to reach out to your cries for help and for the Light to be restored in full.

All is in place, as you have been told my Brother Johan, WE stand at the finish line TOGETHER for true, and shall rejoice and celebrate when the moment finally arrives to cross it together with so many awaiting this sacred Home Coming, also the Secund Coming for One, and the Ascension of Gaia with many of her children along side who have gone through this before.

As a thief in the night, it shall come, as mentioned by Brother Esu, so be ready at all time now, have you heart full of Love and reach out where necessary and possible, so it shall be a small step, crossing OVER the finish line. Let Mother Gaia do her part now, as we all stand united with her and usher in this new Golden Age of Pure Divine Love as our Great Leader, CMAton has always intended this to be the case for Her. Blessing to All, and by Heart, Adama of Telos.