Shlomo Sand: „Die Erfindung des jüdischen Volkes“ und „Die Erfindung des Landes Israel“

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Recht auf Wahrheit! ~ The Right for Truth!

Die Gründung des Staates Israel am 14. Mai 1948

Die Erfindung Israels

Shlomo Sand und der israelische Gründungsmythos

Gibt es das jüdische Volk und die Vertreibung aus dem Heiligen Land wirklich? Nein, sagt der israelische Historiker Shlomo Sand. Das seien alles Erfindungen der europäischen Zionisten des 19. Jahrhunderts. In seinem kontrovers diskutierten Buch „Die Erfindung des jüdischen Volkes“ stellt er den Gründungsmythos Israels infrage.


Die Erfindung des Landes IsraelSand, Shlomo


Die Erfindung des Landes Israel


Mythos und Wahrheit

ISBN: 978-3-549-07434-3

Die Erfindung des jüdischen VolkesSand, Shlomo

Die Erfindung des jüdischen Volkes

Israels Gründungsmythos auf dem Prüfstand

ISBN: 978-3-548-61033-7

Die Erfindung des jüdischen Volkes (Shlomo Sand) – Die Nachkommen der Chasaren – dieses Video ist leider gelöscht worden!

Shlomo Sand Juden sind kein Volk

Phantasialand Israel – Zwecklügen aus den sogen. „Schriften“

Die Juden sind Nachkommen der Chasaren ?

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shlomo sands

Shlomo Sand: ‚I wrote the book against Jewish essentialism.‘ Photograph: Olivia Grabowski-West

Shlomo Sand presses his thumbs together, palms outward, fingers stretching up like the branches of a candelabra. „If you can visualise it…“ The air above our table is meant to be the Mediterranean region shortly after the birth of Christ. Sand’s hands are rival monotheistic cults.

  1. The Invention of the Jewish People
  2. by Shlomo Sand
  3. Buy it from the Guardian bookshop

„There are two kinds of Judaism: Christianity and a kind of Judaism that starts to close in on itself because of the success of Christianity.“ The hands drift apart. The fingers on the right withdraw into a fist. „The vision that we have of Judaism today came out of this closedness, because of fear; because of the conditions imposed on Judaism if it was to continue under Christianity.“

A middle-aged academic with a close-cropped beard, dark polo-neck and metal-rimmed glasses, gesticulating over coffee, is hardly a controversial sight in a cafe on Paris’s Place d’Italie. But this particular mime is deeply subversive. Sand is a professor at Tel Aviv university and author of The Invention of the Jewish People. His quiet earthquake of a book is shaking historical faith in the link between Judaism and Israel.

Sand’s hands are depicting how most Jews are descended from converts who never set foot in the Holy Land. That has come as a bit of a surprise to many Jews and as a colossal affront to Zionism, Israel’s national ideology. The modern Israeli state was founded on belief in a „Jewish people“ as a unified nation, established in biblical times, scattered by Rome, stranded in exile for 2,000 years, then returned to the Promised Land.



Shlomo Sands letztes Buch:

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