Risiko 5G: Interview mit Isabel Wilke, Diplom Biologin

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China kündigt stärksten Eingriff ins Erdklima an

Topograhische Karte der chinesischen autonomen Provinz Tibet, sowie der umliegenden chinesischen Provinzen und der angrenzenden Länder. Bild: Lencer / de.wikipedia.orgChinesische Wissenschaftler wollen die Niederschlagsmenge im Hochland von Tibet auf zehn Milliarden Kubikmeter im Jahr erhöhen. Das sieht das Projekt Tianhe (Sky River) vor, wie das Portal ScienceAlert am Samstag berichtet.

Hierzu schreibt Sputnik Deutschland: „Demnach sollen im tibetischen Hochland Zehntausende Kammern aufgestellt werden, die Silberjodid-Teilchen in die Atmosphäre versprühen werden, die Regen auslösen.

Da dieser Stoff eine dem Eis ähnliche Kristallstruktur hat, bildet er schnell Wasser. Tianhe wird somit zum weltgrößten Projekt von künstlichem Regen, so der ScienceAlert-Bericht.

Die Forscher hoffen, dass es ihnen gelingt, künstlichen Regen über einem Territorium von etwa 1,6 Millionen Quadratkilometern – drei Mal so groß wie Spanien – auszulösen. Die ersten 500 Kammern waren bereits im Tibet, in der Provinz Xinjiang und einigen anderen Gebirgsregionen erprobt worden. Die dabei erzielten Resultate seien ermutigend, sagen Wissenschaftler.“


Murdering Us From The Sky

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New Jersey singer/songwriter/guitarist Jeff Saxon,
known for his catchy, emotionally-gripping, straight-from-the-heart
songs, takes on the topic of chemtrails in „Murdering Us In The Sky“.
Saxon makes a stark and urgent plea to the chemtrails perpetrators;
to halt these senseless aerial assaults on humans worldwide.
The video, which also marks Saxon’s directorial debut, won the Best Music Video award at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles in May 2012.

Simply, yet beautifully shot (by videographer, Seiichi Daimo),
the piece gets right to the point, interspersing informational text
to educate viewers about the dangers of chemtrails and also suggesting
ways to protest them. There are, however, a few humorous and cleverly
utilized doomsday-is-dawning props, which offer a nice respite from the
somber subject matter without undermining its seriousness.

The song, however, remains the centerpiece. And in creating it, Saxon
(and track producer, Michael McGregor) give this neo-protest song the
very contemporary musical framework it warranted. At its core, the jazz
and R&B threads in the song are much more akin to Marvin Gaye’s environmentally-themed classic, „Mercy, Mercy, Me“ than to
the guitar and vocal protest song pioneers, Guthrie and Seeger.

Please visit the official Murdering Us From The Sky website at http://www.murderingusfromthesky.com

The Internet, Facebook, Defamation & Retaliation With Professor Anthony Hall

Hört euch das bitte an und überlegt, ob ihr es immer noch so wichtig findet im Facebook zu sein!!!?????????

Published on Aug 1, 2017

„The Internet, Facebook, Defamation & Retaliation“ was the title of a presentation by Professor Anthony Hall of the University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. Prof. Hall talked about how a reprehensible image and text was placed on his Facebook wall for a few hours on August 26, 2016 and then deployed to target him professionally in what amounts an organized political frame-up. B’nai Brith Canada, the Canadian branch of the US and Israeli-based Anti-Defamation League, conducted the initial smear campaign based on publicizing the maliciously engineered content of the planted Facebook post put on Prof. Hall’s Facebook wall without his knowlewdge or consent for a few hours on Aug. 26. When Prof. Hall later became aware of the post’s reprehensible contents, he condemned the post’s outrageous statements about Jewish people.
The result of this operation was that in early October of 2016, Prof. Hall was suspended, initially without pay, and without any process of independent adjudication as required by the collective agreement between the University Administration and the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association (ULFA). ULFA and the 68,000 member-strong Canadian Association of University Teachers are both demanding that Prof. Hall’s case must be returned to the procedures outlined in the collective agreement. They are demanding that University Administration cease and desist defaming the Canadian professor along the same lines as those initiated by B’nai Brith Canada.
Professor Hall talks about the possibility that Facebook Inc. was a party to the conspiracy to ruin the career of this critic of Israeli policies and actions. He points to negotiations between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu aimed at engineering Facebook content to favor the Israeli side in the conflict between the Israeli state and the Palestinian people. He also highlights his insistence on addressing the evidence pointing to the role of Israel First partisans in the notorious lies and crimes of 9/11.
This talk was at LaborTech 2017 in San Francisco with the title “The Internet, Technology, The Gig Economy and the Future of Labor”.
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