The Pentagon’s Law of War Manual: Part two

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A recipe for total war and military dictatorship

By Tom Carter – 4 November 2015


This is the second of four articles analyzing the new US Department of Defense Law of War Manual. The first article was posted November 3.

Derzeit vier Analysen des neuen Kriegs Gesetz Handbuches der US Verteidigung

A framework for military dictatorship
Rahmenkonzept der Militärdiktatur

Department of Defense Law of War Manual

The most menacing passages of the Pentagon’s Law of War Manual concern its relationship to other areas of law. According to the manual, the law of war is separate from and supersedes all other bodies of law, including international human rights treaties and the United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights. This is nothing less than a formula for martial law, military dictatorship and the suspension of the Constitution.

Citing a legal treatise entitled “Military Law and Precedents,” the manual states that the law of war can supersede the Constitution: “‘On the actual theatre of military operations,’ as is remarked by a learned judge, ‘the ordinary laws of the land are superseded by the laws of war. The jurisdiction of the civil magistrate is there suspended, and military authority and force are substituted.’ Finding indeed its original authority in the war powers of Congress and the Executive, and thus constitutional in its source, the Law of War may, in its exercise, substantially supersede for the time even the Constitution itself …” (p. 10, emphasis added).

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