Agartha Botschaft – die Bewohner der inneren Erde gehen an die Öffentlichkeit der oberen Erde


Dies wird der erste Schritt einer öffentlichen Enthüllungs-Initiative seitens der Bewohner der Inneren Erde sein – dem Königreich Agartha – an die Völker der Erde (auf der Erdoberfläche). Wir laden die gesamte Menschheit ein, diesem öffentlichen Symposium beizuwohnen und mehr über diese antike Zivilisation und deren zeitgemäße Botschaft an die Menschheit zu erfahren.

Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika | 25., 26. Und 27.August 2017


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Amber Plaster: „Earth Not A Globe“ – „Die Erde ist kein Globus“- Beitrag 62

wunderschönes Lied 🙂

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Interview S. McCarthy & E. Dubay: Flache Erde Beitrag 52, Desinfoagenten, Veganismus, Gesundheit

Die Moderatorin Sinead McCarthy von Firestarter Radio auf Renegade Broadcasting hat sich den Buchautor, Filmemacher, und Yoga- und Kampfsport – Lehrer Eric Dubay zu einem erstaunlichen Interview eingeladen. Eric Dubays Popularität ist in den letzten Jahren enorm gestiegen, insbesondere seine Werke „200 Beweise das die Erde keine Kugel ist“ und „Die Flache Erde- Verschwörung“ sollten zumindest jedem Wahrheitsforscher ein Begriff sein, weil sich hier ganz unterschiedliche Disziplinen der Wahrheitsforschung zu einem größeren Bild fügen.

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Die NASA, zeigt uns endlich ein echtes Bild der Erde! **Case closed**

Die Nasa hat es uns endlich bewiesen, die Erde ist ein Ball! Das sind echte Teufelskerle… Lieben Gruß an alle Globus Freunde! Markus

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12/19/2016 — Large wave of energy from unknown source hitting Earth now – Possible effects?


Danke Martha!


Bei NOAA gibt es gar nichts besonderes!

Könnte es sein, dass dies eine positive Energie ist, die uns zu Hilfe kommt?

Könnte es sein, dass dies wirklich eine positive Energie ist, die uns zu Hilfe kommt?

Ich wundere mich seit gestern, wo ich diese Energie hernehme, obwohl mich grad enorme Schmerzen plagen und ich Fieber habe. Ich konnte gestern 12 Postings machen und bin bereits seit 3h wieder auf, fühle mich abgesehen von den Schmerzen die auch geringer geworden sind sonst wirklich wohl, was eigentlich ein Widerspruch ist.

Leute sagt, wie geht es euch, was habt ihr besonderes bemerkt???

speichert das Video ab!!!!

verbreitet dieses Video!!!

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December 18th into 19th , 2016

Update : 457pm Dec 19, 2016 – MIMIC has issued a statement via twitter saying this is a mistake, an error in their system…


A large wave of energy impacting the entire planet has UNINTENTIONALLY been detected by the MIMIC TPW microwave background imagery. Currently ONGOING as of 12/19/2016 at 1:20am US central time)

link to see the event here:……

This is not a glitch, computer error, or fake — unless someone at the University decided to fake data for some reason.

This system usually only shows precipitation / water vapor , yet in some rare instances large energy returns can be seen when solar, spaceweather, and other energy events impact the planet.

We have seen examples of X class flares, and large Earth facing Coronal Mass Ejections cause large disruptions of this very same feed — however this „wave“ of energy produces a return that crosses the same bandwidths detected (and used by) the MIMIC microwave background system.

The energy spans the planet on both (all) sides over several hours time. This wave of energy started to form on 12/18 at about 15:00UTC, and is currently ongoing.

A check of the X-ray flux monitors from GOES shows low activity, minor solar winds, no major solar storms, Total Electron Content in the ionosphere shows „minimal“…. thus the source / cause of this event is still „unknown“.

If this „event“ really occurred (if it’s „real“) then we’re looking at a huge amount of energy impacting the planet causing a planet wide microwave return going off the scales.

Microwaves convert to DC energy in a natural „rectenna“ process when the waves become trapped in the Earth’s magnetosphere– the radio waves convert to DC power, and are taken to ground. Ground ultimately being the core of the Earth.

If the event is really occurring, then the potential amount of energy going to the core of the planet would be tremendous — this of course could increase volcanic activity, and cause large earthquakes.

I don’t know what to make of this — this is the first time I’ve ever seen something this large over such a vast area show up on MIMIC like this. Keep watch — the next week may tell the tale on what happens (if anything) from this strange event.


This stream is showing the past 48 hours of USGS reported earthquakes + the last 50 EMSC reported earthquakes internationally.

No voice in this video unless a large earthquake strikes.

Marker height off the globe = depth into the Earth.

The feed may show double earthquakes in some locations due to both USGS + EMSC agencies reporting the events.

When an earthquake strikes, you will hear a rumble, ding, and a bell toll. The bell will toll the number of times = to the earthquake which occurs. (example : M4.0 will ring 4 times).

The most recent earthquake has a green placemark / flag on it.

Blue flag / placemark = the last earthquake which was looked up

The moderators have been instructed to always give 1-3 warnings before either a time out or banning.


Download the full version of earthquake3D here (cost: $20 USD):

Free version here:


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Canada NRCAN:


Japan NIED:


Danke Saheike, du hattest diese Sensation bereits gestern gepostet 🙂
Ich füge dieses kürzere Video auch hier hinzu:

Massive Waves of Energy Are Hitting Earth, Picked Up On MIMIC Map

Veröffentlicht am 19.12.2016
A massive stream of incoming energy is hitting the earth.
For the second day in a row, the sun is blank–no sunspots. Fortunately, sunspots are not required for the aurora borealis. Last night the sunspot number was zero when Sarah Skinner of Abisko, Sweden, witnessed a spray of green lights „bursting out from the top of Mount Nuolja and spreading across the sky with bursts of speeds and energy.“ She took this picture from the shore of Lake Torneträsk:
This display, and others like it happening nightly around the Arctic Circle, defy a popular misconception about the solar cycle. Many people believe that auroras vanish during periods of low sunspot number. In fact, polar auroras may be seen throughout the 11-year sunspot cycle.

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