Maya ~ !Calibration 2021 – the year with the sharp edge!

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The MAYA calendar in a new look!

Dear fellow men,

„what brings us the year 2021“ that is the question, which asks itself in these days nearly each earth citizen. We always want to know what is coming, what will happen, instead of consciously co-creating every day for what we get the best possible energy pulsed directly from the source of all being.

In the NATURAL YEARLY CALENDAR the year always begins with the first day after the winter solstice – thus on Tuesday, the 22.12.2020 is in truth the 1.1.2021

What divide and rule means mankind could never experience so very closely as in the year 2020. Not so direct, however, is that experience which mankind has already been going through for thousands of years in increasing density – by this I mean the separation from the source. Where has God remained, why were we left so alone, why does God allow all this and still other such statements are surely sufficiently known to everyone.

How should we be able to receive the energy of the source, if we were separated from it in manifold way. The earth was covered with an information field, which had been woven again and again still more densely, so that mankind should forget where and what its true origin is.

What is the biggest unrecognized crime in this arranged chaos which hardly anybody can see through properly, that is the manipulation of the time.

At last this manipulation was put still one on top and a NEW AGE game was sold as Maya calendar. This game is still followed today by millions of people all over the world, not realizing that they are moving even further away from the source and joining a time crime.

The allegedly non-existent time regulates everything, the money system, the health system, all sciences, schools and studies, everything was forced into a corset of a matrix, so that mankind can get as far as possible no more connection to the clock of our origin of the divine source.

We would be really poor, if there was not also a „string of pearls“ to the source, which we all can and should use daily, because it is about the survival of the true humanity.

For true humanity, in 1995, the heavens opened over Vienna and the purest light poured out of the Source in such great measure that there was even a local earthquake. With this act of love, all those who participated at that time were connected to the source. As a witness of that time, I am one of them.

What is intended by the adversaries of humankind? With few words said mankind is not only to be exchanged by artificially created structures up to the transhumanism, but also to be reduced drastically. But there those one called dark powers sweepingly, the calculation without the host have made.

One can do everything, but never count on being able to ignore the laws of nature completely. Although the man himself could be made powerless and defenseless, because these powers lead a war against the mankind, they have forgotten thereby that the man is also a part of the nature.

A law of nature reads >>>what is fought multiplies rampantly or replaces the weak by a much stronger natural entity<<< Since mankind is fought increasingly, it has doubled in the last 40 years on earth, and still the wrong ways were not left. Still the few imagine they can dominate the many and use them as slaves.

In the year 2020 only the dark powers could use the year energy of the wizard (IX) for themselves in an unimaginable way, but above all unexpectedly for all, out of the magic hat of manipulation. The world population was shown shamefully before eyes which power these forces possess. Collectively not to play along would have been an answer of the wizard in this game. Such a strong answer, however, the collective fear and ignorance stood in the way.

How one amused oneself nevertheless completely openly and impudently over humans in an old Viennese Kabarett with the following statement: >>“I make them poor and you make them stupid“<< I could not laugh at it already at that time, because I recognized the reality to it already.

To feel powerless, poor and stupidly exposed to certain forces no human being can bear in the long run, however, also with it is counted, and the people are to be driven into civil wars what would be just as wrong, however, as to let everything pass powerless over itself.

The divine energy could have been used all years equally by all people. Like the sun, it shines for all unconditionally, only the collective mankind has put itself apparently voluntarily into the shade, in order not to be burned supposedly.

Was therefore mankind in 2020 still not able to take the Ariadne thread to the source, so I hope to be able to make my contribution to it that is understood how important a correct NATURAL CALENDAR is, as well as the conscious use of the now reformed Maya calendar which is available to everyone hereby also.

The Maya calendar was not only in the year 2012 to end, but already on 19.11.1989, this was the last day of the correct long counting of the days. On 20.11.1989 the NEW TIME has begun with NIWANES. I am sorry that it took me 40 years to put all the pieces of the puzzle together so that I could reform the Mayan calendar. There was a path to be blazed in the impenetrable thicket, and I had received little help from fellow workers to do it.

However, it is never too late to start doing the right thing, which I would hereby like to urge everyone to do. Besides, some factors have become so abundantly clear only in the last years that I dared to renew the HOLY CALENDAR of the MAYAs. The fact of NIWANES, which represents the dimensional transition as NEW ENERGY in the calendar and signifies the real ascension of mankind, had become completely clear to me myself only when I had been studying the levels of the TZOL-KIN in the last 4 years.

With the reformed MAYA calendar, we have now received a tool with which we can consciously establish a connection to the source on the one hand, and on the other hand, with the now calibrated daily energies, we can use the possibilities that are given to us with it.

The year 2021 stands under the seal >>UUS IK<< it is the mirror plane of the Divine Source with which we can all go directly into resonance. The better we use the cutting power of the wind (IK) for us, the less damage we will have to record for us in the coming year.

What does the wind do?

When I channeled the sound of the wind in 1995, it felt like the top of my skull was being cut off. So it’s about kicking all the unnecessary brain stuff into the garbage can, including all the nonsense that is taught. It is about the elimination of mental pollution. I wrote in the diary as follows:

//I felt how the wind drove through my life framework and separated what had become useless from the first cycle of creation now. I felt the sharp edge of the wind, which mercilessly like a razor blade separates usable from unusable. The shrill sound drove razor sharp and at the border of the bearable through my head in the height just above my eyes and ears, as if it would want to cut off the top of my skull.//

My open intention with this writing is… to bring you to the action!

With the daily actions in the year 2021 the force of the wind is always in the foreground, as a pruning force, it is therefore mercilessly about to separate from something. What that is exactly everyone must find out for himself.

So I call everyone to become active, to start with oneself.

The DAILY questions and corresponding actions are as follows:

In general, 1) What is the shit in my head that I can’t get rid of?

2) What is it that I really, really want?

3) Does what I am doing correspond to my destiny, my soul plan?

4) How far am I willing to go to master my life in a fulfilling way?

5) Would I change everything in my life if I had to in order to live up to myself?

6) What do I have to learn?

7) What do I keep running into?

Write down more questions individually.

Write down all the questions by hand, and take them to hand EVERY day. The respective day KIN leads you to the answer. Don’t get stuck on a question because you don’t have an answer to it right away, let it come, each day has a certain quality which corresponds to the day’s KIN. Only that quality of the day which goes in resonance or dissonance to your open question brings you further.

Every question can be answered on one of the days in 2021. Likewise, of course, there is also the answer of the solution of the discovered conflict with the corresponding DAY-KIN. Both the answer and the solution cannot be forced, but must come easily, almost as if by itself. Listening, listening in, going into the silence are the magic words for it!

Everyone has already made the experience that on some days e.g. cleaning is a joy, but on most other days it is difficult and therefore usually not done at all.

This truth makes you quite consciously use.

Once you have your list of questions ready, you are ready to go. The questions must be clear and simple, they must not contain double binds under any circumstances.

For this daily work I provide you 1) the NATURAL YEARLY CALENDAR 2021, and the calculation tables which go to 2030 as PDF. In the calculation table book is also the new TZOL-KIN with the descriptions of the archetypes at the very beginning included.

Maya-New Count Calculation Tables 1989-2030-english-pdf

You will also get the MAAYA manifest that was created in 2017.


That’s quite a few gifts, for our collective advancement.

I have to say one more thing that I want you to know.

I am, after all, openly calling for action with this letter, which could be interpreted politically to me. Nevertheless, I am doing it because it is certainly now a matter of survival for all of us, and everyone should contribute what they can.

I am also consciously taking a very big risk. On August 13 of this year, after more than 10 years of political persecution, I was brought before a jury court, but since I was otherwise completely blameless, I received 3 years probation. So I am free on „probation“. Since nobody tells you today exactly how the parole conditions look like, one had suggested to me however in the future the mouth to hold, no not directly and not in writing, but with references to it, above all that there is no freedom of expression, I go me therefore into the danger to be locked up.

So I go so far to convey to mankind what I have found out and researched in decades of work. It is in my soul plan, which I strive to fulfill.

Soon I would have forgotten about it: Im born in 1948, so Im no longer young, and I am getting increasingly worse as the radiation intensity increases, so I can only stay on the net for a very short time.

Very urgently I am looking for people who want to form a team, learn the calendar from me and do seminars with it in the future. My MAYA books are partly finished – I also need an editor and a publisher for them.

A crown crisis has thwarted all planned lectures this year, that’s one view, the other is that creation wanted it just so, so now I am virtually forced to make a public call for this work to move forward.

Please share this letter as broadly as possible, so that the right people come together in joy, a thirst for adventure, a thirst for knowledge, with a lot of love, with a lot of strength and a lot of youth for this work, because the New Calendar is only the beginning of an even greater adventure, for which the NEW CALENDAR is a prerequisite and about which I already report in my books.

I am you

you are me

In lake’ch

Copyright by AnNijaTbé

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