Energy Pulses & Lunar Waves Captured on Film – WOW – totaler Erklärungsnotstand… und mehr zum Mond

Energy Pulses & Lunar Waves Captured on Film

Published on Sep 15, 2015

This clip explores a possible relationship between energy pulses on the moon and the lunar wave. I compare three captures of the lunar wave and each shows pulses and or energy as the lunar waves are filmed. This will need to be examined further but it may be a finger print of lunar waves. Please try to film the moon September 20th-30th (2015) to include the supposed full eclipse on the 27th-28th. All eclipse footage is valuable as eclipses are manipulated events. Viewer requested T-shirts:

There is No Lunar Eclipse Tetrad and Blood Moon is Ghoulish Nonsense

Published on Sep 13, 2015

Once again the blood moon nonsense and eclipse tetrad lie are being pushed by NASA – among others. To top it off the religious community is being manipulated into thinking there is some biblical relevance. The term blood moon is plain and simple fear porn and misuse of an antiquated term that no longer has meaning. It is not possible to predict the color of a lunar eclipse by the rules NASA provides us. The lunar eclipse tetrad is also a lie as the last lunar eclipse never reached totality. More lies from our friends at NASA who lie for a living. Crrow777 podcast website: Viewer requested T-shirts:

A Thank You To Followers and Subs – The Book Burning Begins (DJ)

Published on Oct 6, 2017
Jason Lindgrens channel Secrets of Saturn will inform people where Crrow777 is running (not on YT) if this channel gets removed by the free speech Gods. ALL CONTENT THAT RUNS HERE IS ON CRROW777RADIO.COM FOR ANYONE TO HEAR FOR FREE.

Secrets of Saturn – A Message From Jason and Crrow777

Published on Oct 7, 2017

A quick word regarding some recent occurrences on Crrow777’s YouTube channel.
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