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UNESCO Resolution on Jerusalem: The Hidden Truth


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Secret of Secrets: The Elixir of Life, Hiding in the Bible Part 1


Santos Bonacci The Uncensored Story of His Trial


„Er war ein ganz normaler Nachbar.“ Nachbericht zur „Reichsbürger-Schießerei“ in Georgensgmünd


 RA Lutz Schaefer: Ein schwarzer Tag ist heute


Die gewalttätigen Reichsbürger


Friday, 10/21/2016 False Flag Weekly News


Blackmail: Turkey is getting away with being ISIS Air Force




Crazy Leak! Fake Alien Invasion On Election Day? 10/21/16


Operation Firesign: Bigger Than Wikileaks and Snowden Put Together! Mind-blowing Clinton Scheme to Steal the Election!


„Looks Like a Rigged Election“: Officials Brace for Fallout After Trump Comments!


Massive Cyber-Attack Cripples Multiple Websites Including Twitter, Paypal and Reddit


ALERT! Atchison, Kansas Evacuating Residents As ‚Toxic Plume‘ Hovers Over Area


Queen Elizabeth’s Shocking Warning Of Coming Global War (+Video)


Obama Orders Govt To Prepare for ‚Space Weather‘ Events



Giant Anaconda Attacks Human Caught on Camera – When Animals attack People – Most Amazing Attacks Top Facts

Veröffentlicht am 07.04.2016

Giant Anaconda Attacks Human Caught on Camera – When Animals attack People – Most Amazing Attacks
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Giant Anaconda Attacks Lion, Antelope to Death | Most Amazing Wild Animal Attacks #29

Veröffentlicht am 26.09.2016

Giant Anaconda Attacks Lion, Antelope | Most Amazing Wild Animal Attacks #29

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Crocodile Attack Baboon, Lion vs Giraffe – Shocking Lion Kills Giraffe Bloody Fight :…

Lion vs Snake and Snake vs Eagle | Real Fight Most Amazing Animals Attack :…

Lion vs Ostrich, Crocodile vs Buffalo, Snake vs frog, Lion, Monkey | Real Fight Animals Attack 2016 :…

Lion vs buffalo, Tiger vs wild boar, Gnu, Elephant vs rhinoceros | Real Fight Animals Attack HD 2016 :…

Crocodile vs Lion, Gnu, Crocodile Kills Buffalo | Real Fight Most Amazing Animals Attack HD 2016 :…

Craziest Animal Fights Caught on Camera. Here is our compilation of the most amazing Wild Animal Attack
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Planet Wild animal TV
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The Truth About the Dallas Sniper Attack | Scharfschützenattacke in Dallas

Veröffentlicht am 08.07.2016

Who is really responsible for the shooting?

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F**k Beyoncé

Veröffentlicht am 11.07.2016

Beyoncé is a complete hypocrite who has exploited ‚Black Lives Matter‘ riot chic to inflate her already mammoth ego and bank balance.

Beyoncé is so ‚proud‘ of being black that she’s physically bleaching her skin to become white.

F**k Beyoncé.

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Welch verrückte Idee von Wissenschaftlern (o) Gottesanbeterin mit Brille…

The praying mantis with 3D glasses

Veröffentlicht am 28.01.2016

A praying mantis with glasses on. In the UK scientists are putting tiny „3D spectacles on the creatures“:… to find out more about how their three.dimensional vision works.

Computation Of 3D Vision In Praying Mantises

Veröffentlicht am 23.04.2014

How can a praying mantis and a pair of the world’s smallest 3D glasses help us understand our own vision and improve the world of robotics?

Analysing how mantises see in three dimensions could give us clues about how 3D vision evolved and lead to novel approaches in implementing 3D recognition and depth perception in computer vision and robotics.

A key component of the research entails presenting virtual 3D stimuli, such as moving targets within the visual field of the mantis. As a first approach, the researchers are attaching a pair of 3D glasses — the world’s tiniest – with beeswax to the mantis, and placing it in front of computer-generated images, presented on computer monitors.

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