Hans Kammler & Hitler’s Superweapon Program [Documentary] 2016 | Hitlers Time Travel Machine – Die Glocke – THE BELL

Hans Kammler & Hitler’s Superweapon Program [Documentary] 2016

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Documentary 2016.

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Hitlers Time Travel Machine – Die Glocke – THE BELL – gelöscht

Hitlers Time Machine – The Nazi Bell, Wunderwaffe, Die Glocke – Interview

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Published on Sep 3, 2015

The rotation of the object, and presumably the radioactive liquid-metal called „Xerum 525“, suggests that the Germans were investigating the inertial and vortex properties of radioactive material when subjected to high speed rotation, as well as the resulting field effects.

It is likely that this rotation was caused by passing a current through the liquid – hence the high power consumption – but the possibility of mechanical rotation should not be ruled out in addition to this, as German progress in jet engine turbines and uranium centrifuges would have given them the experience to construct very high speed turbines for rotating such material for study. In this sense, it is possible that the Bell was nothing more than two counter-rotating ultra-high speed turbines That is to say, the Bell may have been an ultra high speed electro- mechanical turbine of some sort, an offshoot, perhaps, of German centrifuge technology development.
The housing of this device in an underground chamber lined with ceramic brick and rubber mats suggests that it gave off extremely strong electro-magnetic or electro-static field effects as well as high heat when in operation. The reporting of metallic tastes in the mouths of what few surviving personnel there are suggests this. The quick decay without apparent putrefaction of organic material within its field suggests effects that some would associate with scalar waves.

But what was the mysterious „Xerum 525“? When first investigating this strange material, the first thought is that it might be some radioactive isotope of mercury, or possibly a more radioactive substance in chemical solution of some sort. It is perhaps worth noting that recently a strange substance known as „red mercury“, or mercury antominate oxide, has been alleged to have strong neutron emitting properties when subjected to sudden explosive stress, and is alleged to be a non-fissile method of triggering the enormous fusion reactions of hydrogen bombs, as well as being able, in its own right, of fission explosions in the small kiloton range. Perhaps the Nazis had stumbled onto a similar such substance during the war.

Narrated By Shanti Universe

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