„There Is No God“ – Will The Jesuit Pope Make a Shocking Announcement To UN On Sept 25th?

Danke Saheike, die aktuellen Meldungen überschlagen sich an Endzeitszenarien, schwer erträglich :-/

Published on Aug 10, 2015

Full Episode here:https://youtu.be/hr9WdciiWdg

Will the Pope announce in September that there is no God and lead everyone into a NWO religion of Luciferianism ? It is shaping up to be just that.

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Neil Keenan joins Pete Santilli for one of the most informative interviews Mr. Keenan has ever done. Mr. Keenan is world renowned for his humanitarian efforts that he hopes someday will benefit humankind and release us all from monetary slavery.

Pete and Deb cover breaking news and offer critical analysis on today’s current events.

About Neil Keenan – Neil Keenan is an international businessman and “world patriot.” In his lifetime of endeavors, Keenan has been in contact with the full scope of world personalities from heads-of-state to family “Elders” to cabal criminals. His vast experience combined with his nature as a fighter make Neil Keenan uniquely and ideally suited for his ongoing work in helping to free humanity from cabal enslavement.

Keenan initially became involved with the Dragon Family, a group of wealthy Asian families, when he was chosen by them to be their principal in dealing with projects and platforms and protector of the accounts which 85% belong to the family.

In 2009 Neil Keenan was entrusted by the Dragon Family with financial notes and bonds whose present-day value is over $1 trillion. This portion of the Dragon Family’s accumulated wealth was registered in the Federal Reserve system and exchanged for notes and bonds.

To determine that his intent was pure, Keenan underwent an ancient ceremony conducted by Indonesian “Elders.”

In November of 2011 Keenan initiated a lawsuit to get back the stolen bonds, among other charges. He filed this unprecedented Trillion-dollar Lawsuit in US District Court in Manhattan, NY, naming defendants such as Daniel Dal Bosco, the OITC, the Italian Republic and its Financial Police, and Ban ki Moon (the UN), among others. The 111-page federal complaint details those involved in stealing the $1.1 Trillion that is intended for humanitarian purposes. Other conspirators named in the complaint include the Vatican, the Masons and the Federal Reserve Board. This lawsuit became recognized worldwide as the case that will break the Western Financial Mafias hold on society.

Keenan is presently working to return to Indonesia to make the final push for substantial access to the bunkers and the opening of the Global Accounts. His efforts have been stalled by the cabal’s criminal tactics: they have “disappeared” Keenan’s bank accounts, murdered a good friend who was providing help, and attempted to kill another associate with a car “accident and even demanded a country not deal with Neil.”

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2 Kommentare

  1. Saheike

     /  15. August 2015

    Für mich ist das ein großer Hoffnungsschimmer, denn es zeigt doch, was von Menschenhand gemacht ist und was Übernatürlich ist und wem wir alles den Gehorsam verweigern können und müssen. Da bleibt dann wenig Raum für Furcht, sondern aller Raum wird von Liebe beansprucht und von Mitleid.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Hat dies auf Haunebu7's Blog rebloggt.

    Gefällt mir


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