Construction of the Ghana Permaculture Institute has begun

Ghana Permaculture Institute

Good news! With funding help from our partner Lush-UK, Ghana Permaculture Network has secured 24.5 acres (10.2 hectares) of land in the Ghana-Brong Ahafo region – Techiman. we are now building the Ghana Permaculture Institute. When we have finished this place will be a large training and demonstration centre where students can come for courses and long-term internships to fully learn from the examplar Permaculture systems here.

The first phase of the project on the land has involved drilling a borehole for water, and the construction of a base camp and infrastructure to accommodate Permaculturists on the site to implement phase 2.

The base camp has four bedrooms and one hall . The building construction has been completed.

We used local materials such as; earth bricks for side walls, clay tiles for roofing , cow manure and ash for plastering of the building and solar home system installation where one can charge his /her…

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