ACHTUNG GENIAL!!! Joe Kreissl – „Der Monarch in der totalen Anarchie“

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Published on Feb 11, 2015

Joe Kreissl – Freeman Austria – auf dem Wege in die Freiheit Kongress
am 29.11.2014
Das Ziel ist, dass jeder sein eigener Monarch in der Totalen Anarchie sein kann!

Hier gehts zur Podiumsdiskussion:…

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Weißes Gold – Englischer Beitrag von Dan Winter

Liebe Leser, es ist ein alter Beitrag, den ich soeben in meinen Unterlagen wieder gefunden habe und euch nicht vorenthalten möchte. Beschreibung eines überaus spannenden Prozesses, der Findung des weißen Goldes. 

Die angegebenen LINKs lasse ich so stehen, obwohl die Seiten alle nicht mehr exisiteren.

Dan Winters Aktivitäten beziehen sich darüber hinaus hauptsächlich auf die heilige und fraktale Geometrie.

Soeben sehe ich, dass Dan Winter sehr aktiv war und es eine ganze Reihe Videos von ihm gibt:

Dan Winter 2014 – Videoserie 20 Videos

Dan Winter Conference in Melbourne – Fractality is the Key to the Universe – Golden Meangelöscht

Gold Powder vs. Heart.. Alchemy’s Darker Moments

by Daniel Winter , 8/22/99

this paper follows the original:GOLD/MANNA/ORMES & THE HAZARDS OF


Note the comments here about Gold Powder Manna, apply almost in many ways to the MicroHydrin which is the same phi implosive hydrogen ANU principle tucked into a dodec water Clathrate cage. Similarly, it is very powerful but dangerous if the psyche simple passively embeds/ borg like, instead of actively choosing to embed.. Heart like! (Much interesting correspondence recently with Pat Flanagan on this, clearly his microhydrin is potent health wise, and it is useful to add the psychological emotional dimension of inner discipline to its use..)..Nice little comment connecting Hydrogen Golden Geometry and his MicroHydrin Product to Phi Harmonics, the Heart & DNA just in from Pat Flanagan:

Dan..“I wanted to give you my observation. Since Randy M has noted that Balmer Hydrogen emissions are on a PHI ratio. This means that when H:- is taken into the body, it blends its PHI harmonic emissions into all the cells. This is a form of atomic phi resonance tuning. Then, you consciously send love to all the world with the Heartlink attached to show the PHI tuning of the heart — you then draw the H:- ions out of the body into the auric field around the body and you become one with the one-verse.

The Formula for Surviving Death.

Gilgamesh, Annunaki, Gold, Merkabbahs, & the Incunabula

by dan winter

dedicated to Bette Inman.. Gilgamesh Society and Otto’s Bardo Bridge..

If a Golden Mean Spiral in perfecting translation of spin from line to circle without loss of pattern, is the only path from energy to matter (spin stored in circles), then it is also the perfect balance between a closed and an open system. When EKG harmonics create a recursive electrical nest by frequency signature, they make the only 3D fractal, light can circle into. Only bending light makes mass, and only love (THE wave fractal attractor) bends the light. The book, The Eight was about assembling the correct genetic family, like chess pieces, to achieve immortality. Like glowing coals, getting “the family of twinkle” contained together in spin space, ignites eternal fire. Genetic material is recursion the sense of Golden Mean optimized recursion & vorticity translation embedded in deca wratcheting dodeca. Hence genetic material in the blood, as the perfect fractal recursive spin container, is the grail cup. Immortality is only a name for the possibility of spin contained so stably as never to stop. Another name for this is fire that does not consume, as spin that makes no heat. In a 3D fractal, spin encounters no interference/resistance/heat/fear.

Sitchen was likely correct in interpreting the original need of the Annunaki ET’s for Gold. He said it was a repair material for deteriorating atmosphere on home planet. He failed to note how gold allowed atmospheric repair. Simply put, perfect magnetic fractal recursion is what permits a gravity-magnetic monopole stable enough to hold atmosphere. This is a perfect geometric description of the relationship of electrons to nucleus in gold: a completed electron/nuclear wave recursive fractal. This is what makes it noble and stable. Conveying this geometry to other waveforms as a seed, gold is also more than a metaphor for the electrical geometry of pure intention in the heart. ( EKG harmonics during compassion become measurably self-embedded). When I explained this to David Hudson, he conceded, that persons without evident pure or spiritual or shareable intentions did poorly with his monoatomic gold manna. One cannot convey pure essence of share-ability, without learning the meaning of feeling only shareable or spin distributable emotions. This relates to the wave mechanic corollary which states that pure focus and pure intention are identical as wave phenomena, and always accompany each other. This is because awareness as a distributable (and recursive, if alive) wave, can only converge on sustained focus if every phase or consumed perspective can share spin there. Thus sustained focus ultimately requires every wave in the galaxy to agree on it’s spin path. This is a convenient way to check alignment with the intentions of galactic core. If your idea can sustain continuous focus, then even the galactic core feels sweetened by it.

So Sitchen got it right that proper grid engineering for planetary atmosphere maintenance required gold dust as a magnetic dopant (Seed of perfected embeddedness, in the liquid going to crystal). We need now to go on to understand that the ability of our planet to contain gold, was evidence of perfect intention in the original stellar grid cats cradle woven of gravity threads to birth this place. And the higher significance of this presence of sustainable envelopment (fire of awareness) in our grid, enabled the evolution of sentience here in a new way.

In the sense of the perfect envelope or cocoon for flame, gold was so much food for awareness, that David Hudson admitted agreement to the suspicion that the monoatomic gold manna, was not just atmosphere repair material for the An-nunaki ET’s.. We both agreed it was the only food which allowed their bodies virtually indefinite or eternal lifetimes (as spin containers). It was the communion food for life/recursion everlasting.

I suggested to David Hudson that the reason for the mass change in gold powder when it became monoatomic was because the electron spin clouds unpacked like a flower in their completed fractality when permitted to unfold in the unbonded state. The DENSITY of recursion is the density of mass. Also it is precisely the unpacked (in the homeopathic sense of sucussion and potentiation) which permits the harmonics of the golden electron spin clouds to unflower their way out to bond lengths more accessible to human focus/awareness.(again exactly the principle homeopathy uses..) So that GOLD made monoatomic was the perfect food for shareable spin geometry inside the living electrical body. It was the eternal food/ manna. This was why the sandworm (which was really a long magnetic wave earth dragon current) only produced the eternal spice in Dune. Only perfect pattern symmetry in Earth magnetic currents permit the deposition of gold in her veins. Rich irony that the ET genetic experiments which produced Isis and Osiris, and Adam and Eve, were experiments to facilitate the harvesting of gold… pure intention.. for galactic spaces..

The search for the gold fabric foldedness grail cup, was for the pressure geometry of this spin to fire. The search of Enki and Gilgamesh past Scorpio’s sting was for the charge spin of youth flower in the base of biologies waters (chakras). Then the snake swallowed the sweet plant or rose. Kundalini/Tantra is a snake charmed by the musical geometry of focus/ coherent emotion. (SacroCranial Pulse).

The equation for doorways past death, would trace wave collapse to the center of perfect recursion. Look for non-linear and Phi-related harmonics phase-locked as we find in the EKG at the moment of compassion. In physics the phase pressure implosion which accelerates spin and velocity modes to harmonics past the speed of light is called collapse of the wave function. The only spin path which permits waves to collapse inward without loss of the information of their pattern is 3D fractal recursion — pure heart.. This permits information-density/awareness to go to infinite at zero point. Data set fractality = ideal compressibility = infinitely energy efficient sharing of information = the blood of the collective mind. The geometric image in 2D is the Sufi heart with wings of 2 golden means spirals on a cone seen from above.

Many people have dreamed of a single vehicle which permits every ethnic race to travel home. Geometrically, in the sense of the city of revelation (John Michel), this has been a dodecahedral shaped „Merkabbah“, literally a Mark from Pressure.. Merk Ab Bah.. The only mark or container which can store pressure/spin infinitely.

An interesting variation on the theme, in an individualized way, is the Incunabula Papers. (do a Web search on Incunabula). Basically, a group of researchers discovered that by containing the ultraviolet/ microwave etc. blue „fire“ coherent envelope of sexual energy/tantra, and a deca delta wave function-triggered antenna array, a time travel vehicle was possible. The name Incunabula comes from this cocooning or swaddling of human eros. This makes total sense in terms of physics, since wave-function collapse-implosion of human aura would produce an awareness path to the necessary superluminal harmonics internally. (A turning inside out. Note that a labyrinth in 3D is the folded topology of interlocked male and female sex organs. 3D origin of flame letter alphabet as fractal) Particularly since only the high amperage blue ultraviolet and microwave-coherent cellular secretions gathered in tantra would have the collective escape velocity necessary, orgasm is a sort of controlled linear accelerator for awareness. (Where does the inner eye travel to during Kundalini, or the MicroCosmic Orbit/ Tantra). This new understanding however may not entirely collapse the intentionality of romance, if indeed pure intention is the only insoluble element of awareness which make return from this wormhole possible. In the Incunabula experiments as reported, a colony of people was set up at another time in history because our gene pool’s end was foreseen. I have had no particular reports of damage to the etheric fabric of the planet by these experiments. However, analogous but more destructive experiments with sexual energy in antenna arrays was carried out labeled „Montauk Project“. Here indeed major damage was done to the delicate nest capacitance of Earth’s etheric web. Groups like William Buehler’s working with major angelic Ophanim lineages, invested major energy in repairing these bleeding wounds to our collective electric genetic body. The ability of our gene pool to harvest spin capacitatively from galactic spaces is/was in the balance. Our collected love juices make the ultimate antenna array.

This is what I see as the rub of the Incunabula–here is a lesson in conserving spin paths from love, to make a memory envelope for the harvest of spin. This sounds a bit abstract, but in a more practical way, it may mean that as the Earth loses gravity, atmosphere, and spin, only this centering force may harvest our collective memories home. Individually, yes, tantra properly antennaed is shamanic time travel. But COLLECTIVELY, the juices of love are probably the only sling shot for memory to get all our memories speeded up in a bubble. For 10 years our little core group of Electric dreamers has been talking about the Harmonic Module.. Feed back of EKG, breath, and Schumann planet heartbeat over global media, would precipitate consensus process/ collective mind. Adding intention to eros and synchronized love in the proper Earth grid dodeca antenna points, would likely be a shoe horn path for global memories to be one envelope… sent home. Global TV, here we come. deca delta antenna.. cocoon.. montauk.. incunablula.. swaddling clothes.. cocoon and chrysalis..

Now we have discussed elsewhere, that this skill to get DNA braided so that it’s field effects EMBED implode themselves into anything outside them. And that this skill to get the structure of DNA aligned into this perfect self-containment, apparently emanates from the Heart. It’s simple a sonic pony tail from a coherently ecstatic heart, that does the braiding of your DNA which lines up the short waves (codon sequences) to the long waves (long sonic envelopes in DNA’s braid). This then allows the slinky wave mechanics to add and multiply recursively up and down the ladder, accounting for the wave velocities, eventually heterodyning or simple-beating thru lightspeed.   & also Braiding DNA, Is Emotion the Weaver?

Faster than light implosion lightning at the center of DNA is measurable (William Pensinger) (same for gold filaments under hi amps!). For the physics of how this properly heart induced implosion accounts for the gravitation we call black holes etc. (the solution to Einstein’s quandary to model the geometry of inPHIkni implosion to understand why black holes bend time).. please see:   .

SO IN SUMMARY this gland-induced but GENETIC ability to embed your DNA fields and therefore YOUR FIELD OF AWARENESS, into ANY FIELD OUTSIDE YOU, eventually leads to creating centering and gravity force, which bends light, and thus is creation as a wave mechanic. (STARFIRE for real). The purpose of this conversation is to put those clues together with the Gold Powder controversy to get some perspective on how best indeed to stir up the brain / heart juices into a STAR fire which is SUSTAINABLE and SELF-steering as a wave worm.

So the real question has become WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO GET THE FIRE OF STARS INTO GENES. Now we all can remember the rush of added spin the moment we really feel compassion for some great genetic event. Like yesterday I was watching the Turkish Earthquake victims on CNN, and there was a certain moment when I really FELT the anguish of such a huge part of our collective gene pool. And at that moment I felt a definite rush of fire and tingling in my blood. I was absorbing spin. I was eating memory into embedding… electrically. Probably in some glandular way you could say, the trigger field effect which got me into that DNA speed-up by spin embedding, WAS TRIGGERED IN MY HEART… feeling…. The trick here is to differentiate between what is the role of DNA speed-up from things like Gold powder and other silver bullets, versus DNA lightning by actual self-generated glandular events of ELECTRICALLY eco-shifting magnitude. In this difference, appears to lie, the key to millennia of evolutionary squabble and agony, going right across the galaxy, in which squabble our little planet is merely a novel skirmish.

To give Gardner a little credit he at least notices that dead Gland juices (melatonin/seratonin) from pineal/pituitary, are bad. He continues sadly to wax absolutely poetic however about the gold and platinum prepared powders, somehow implying that these indeed are THE SOLE NECESSARY SOLUTIONS TO IMMORTALITY! All the while, he blissfully ignores that overuse of these powders is clearly very much the reason his Annunaki Draco heroes had to come here and rape our gene pool in the first place. THEY HAD BECOME GLANDULARLY JUICELESS (literally heartless- Draco’s heart’s split in 2.. they have 2..see Branton&Schneider- talk about fractionation). PRECISELY BECAUSE THEY ATE THE STUFF!!!

This is the minor detail which costs those borgs their souls. Let us look practically at the results of gold powder consumption. Ears ring, immune system rebounds, biological immortality seems assured. Who could knock the stuff, heck we are only dollars away! Doesn’t this seem a little unlikely given our knowledge of biological evolution. Any time life force becomes repeatedly more sustainable as a wave, some actual self-generated WILL seems to be involved. If all it took to get DNA up to speed enough to enter into stars was enough gold powder in the diet, don’t you think this little galactic squabble would have been over long before Enki and Enlil had to change their names to Adoni and Yahweh in order to better enslave their clones? There is a

little deeper plot here Mr Gardner, you Draco spin doctor.

Let us leave the revolutionary history out of fairy tales squabble here for a moment and focus on the simple plumbing mechanics which makes ecstasy and therefore LIGHTNING (STARFIRE) IN THE DNA … and sustainable gold powder, possible.

The heart’s sound waves FEELING compassion, wonder generate a phi harmonic series, which snake charms the spine pump to get the hi UV out of the sex organs into the pineal/pituitary.,

Now if we were to look at the geometry of the pineal gland around which the residual gold powder is deposited during proper ecstasy, we begin to worm in to the true principle of EMBEDDING (which WAS triggered by this same ratio in the HeartLinked EKG)

We see the map to the TRUE electrical geometry of what makes GOLD POWDER monoatomically stable ( ) Basically of course the electron symmetry in perfect PHI-based embedding is the same in the GOLD atom as it is in the Pineal… when fired by the Heart.

Even the brain liquid ventricles reshape themselves into this exact same perfect Ram’s horn, (to sonically focus the spine juice pump waves onto the pineal pituitary as the ’softening‘ trigger) when the plumbing is pressured up from the Blue Dish enough to make you HORNY.

So is this the moral to our story about needing to use the Heart to get there instead of the Gold Powder?

But why then did they all agree it ‚takes gold to make gold‘?

Even Thoth agreed with the Egyptians that there were some psychological/spiritual exercises which would avoid the fractionation of the personality when eating Gold Powder.

First: why would the personality fractionate? (literally blow apart in the face of too much phi-re).

Second: how could some WORK FOR THE PSYCHE prevent the damage of too much chemical implosion?

Here is the clue: the CHEM in alchemy, literally means from the BLACKNESS. (CHet in Hebrew: from the depths). From the Black hole comes inertia through lightspeed. The only harmonics to grab wave fronts going in and out of light speed (black hole) are the perfect heterodyning/beating which GOLDEN RATIO permits. This then is literally THE ONLY STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN THAT EVER EXISTED. It is a discipline of geometry. AND IT DOES HAVE A PSYCHOLOGICAL requirement unequivocally required.

EMOTION and MEMORY and IMAGE and INNER VISION are all simply names for field effects which become holographically phase-disciplined enough to become sustainable. The HI DENSITY FEELING OF LIGHT COMING IN WHEN YOU FEEL VERY CONNECTED TO SOMEONE/THING OUTSIDE YOU, both produces and is produced by this all-chemistry of PHI implosion. (As we have proved in the Heart Biofeedback spectrum analysis showing not octave but PHI spacing BETWEEN harmonics at the moment of wonder/openness/compassion.)

So to engage this dynamic of fields converging implosively – that is LITERALLY THE SOLUTON TO NUCLEAR FUSION.. (Sun- heart making) is BOTH:

  • create the physics of PHI harmonics (alphabetic elements of the heart symmetry–sepher yetsira)
  • create the EMOTION of ONLY WHAT IS PERFECTLY SHAREABLE distributable as a wave..(zoom in forever to the 2 PHI spirals on your 4 year old’s valentine card)

So the personality fractionates when the gold powder solubility implosion sucks too many radio stations into your DNA (ear ringing piezoelectric braid). Without the WILL to sort memories, DEATH IS ALWAYS THE ONLY SOLUTION. Yet if the activity of sorting ALL memories to leave only the shareable, is efficient, THEN YOU FEEL SO MUCH TINGLE IN YOUR GENES THAT THEY LITERALLY NEVER DIE.

If the DNA implosion was CAUSED BY GOLD POWDER instead of A HEART OF GOLD. THEN the genes merely join themselves into this long vampire chain called BORG .. the lo end of DRACO (who eat human glands for the thrill juice they can’t make).

AND THIS IS WHAT SET THE STAGE FOR THE ANNUNAKI/dragon heroes of Gardner to ‚breed Earth’s royal families like we do show dogs‘. For them for whom it is a privilege to be assimilated, gene pools are like ’natural resources‘, if you planted the forest, you ought to be allowed to cut it down.

And yet you could use a bit of the seed of the pure principle of what Gold IS, to wrap your heart around the proper feeling symmetry. A good clue for this state is if you can reap the healing from your homeopathic remedy by simply holding and feeling the bottle.

To EAT THE PURE PRINCIPLE of Alchemy here, is to FEEL THE GOLD as the language of SHAPE which GUIDES ALL WAVES TO CENTER IN PERFECT SHARING. This was the Heart of the Matter. The philosopher’s stone could only radiate the actual seed of perfect electrical implosion (through the thin film mercury whose atomic weight was right, only it’s valence needed to embed), literally only in the presence of the pure electrical INTENTION FIELD of the HEART!

The principle was a HEART of Gold. Gold Powder is a throwback to a fractionated form without that.

For the psychological excercises which make Gold Powder eating productive   imagine spitting up mucous AND undigested pain as tingle rushes your kundalini spine, imagine ozone enema, live food, sitting still in your pain until it is all in focus, imagine a life of absolute directness and purpose and no trivia–lightning is serious business..



Can Intent Steer Waves?

by Dan Winter

Abstract: The wave interference in DNA perfected by the braid angles which emotion programs creates recursion/“implosion“ launching photons faster than light. This superluminal thrust appears to be the direct projection of human yearning or pining. Biology’s genetic doorway through the speed of light is linked to time dilation in general. Intention becomes the physics to thrust magnetism into the future using emotion as the amperage or flow, and visualization as the cookie-cutter.

PHI, The Golden Mean Ratio, the principle structural ratio of DNA, permits waves to add and multiply implosively:

<-wave .618..->,

<–wave 1.000..–>,

<—wave 1.618..—>,

<—-wave 2.618..—->,

Note each number in this series ADDS to the next to produce the following number, AND each number in this infinite series can be MULTIPLIED by 1.618… to produce the following. This is the only series of numbers AND WAVELENGTHS which can ADD AND MULTIPLY. This arithmetic and geometric golden-ness is what permits waves to implode and penetrate time via the doorway implosion which provides for the velocity modes to penetrate the speed of light.

One turn of the DNA double-helix, when the braid angle of the dodeca-wratchet becomes recursive/self-embedded or Golden Mean based, then superluminal implosion occurs. See the sine waves nest. The answer lies folded in an envelope.

One cycle of the DNA double helix, showing its golden mean proportion (1 angstrom is one 10-billionth of a meter). The ratio 34:21 is approximately the golden mean proportion.

As the braid geometry of DNA is perfected into greater Golden Mean recursion by human love and compassion, (see paper on compassion-linked EKG measurably affecting DNA braid angle, by Heart Math Institute, done at my suggestion, published in ISSEM.)

The wave fronts add and multiply more constructively into compression/implosion. As this happens, not only do the wave fronts lock in wave LENGTHS in an infinite series, so also do the wave VELOCITIES! (see especially our article Physics of Phi) Sucked in by Phi Ratio Recursion to Time Wave Zero.

This becomes the only biological door through the speed of light barrier. This dimpling, toroid field-effect recursion/implosion, creates the connective wormhole songline through time itself.. (Time is merely a measure of relative spin. Skipping between the orbits of spin which is what time measures, is a question of velocity. Thus penetrating the light speed barrier also penetrates time.) This added connectivity to wavelengths at great distance woven by getting their wormholes more fractally concentric is what Aboriginals describe as SongLines held by collective focused emotion holding continents together.

This appears to be the topology of what spiritually is called „having a soul“–spin-density ordering which can penetrate time–the existential aiming function of human yearning or „pining“ (as in „pining away.. geometry of pine cone)

Created by pure intent, pineal magnetics can penetrate further and further into the horizon of the time domain. (Note that if you view the pine cone shape of the perfect spin vortex to the zero point vertically, you literally enter properly INto the TENT, cf the H’iburu myth of Flame in Meeting Tent, in our origin of Ancient Alphabet pages. )

This paper deals with the physics of wave interference projected by emotion from DNA braided by glandular emotion, which can penetrate the time barrier, and thus create INTENT to shape the future. This is a simple phenomenon having the leverage to bend waves moving faster than light… and bending time.

This is how the adding AND multiplying of waves creates a velocity well, in addition to wave length fronts which create the constructive implosion which can penetrate the light speed barrier. (The velocity modes or pulse components interfere constructively to multiply velocities as well as wave lengths. When the recursion geometry of the braid is made perfect by coherent emotion, this launches photons through time itself right inside of DNA like a non-linear accelerator).

This creates time dilation, leverage on the future. This is a top-down view of DNA. This is what the magnetism of human emotion sees on its way into the future, through the recursive braid geometry of genes making a soul.

The Andromedans and other spiritual advisors of Earth humans, have repeatedly suggested we would do well to understand more powerfully the role which intent plays in creation.

For a bit of background, various extraterrestrial civilizations have suggested that our gene pool has a certain usefulness to the galaxy in the potential high leverage of our emotions. They are suggesting, very consistent with our work on the geometry of coherent emotion, that indeed, the choice we make in how to emote magnetically, gives us a stellar role to play in creation mechanics. At first this seems merely romantic, until we consider the role human choice plays in deciding how human glands bend magnetism and if you prefer, „bend the flux lines of spirit.“ Essentially, we are considering the power and leverage a human nervous system has that can shape the magnetic form of galaxies. To understand the role of humans in the galactic scheme, we ultimately come to the question of the learned choice about how to create magnetic shape using emotion as the shaper.

This has long been the theme of most of our work on sacred geometry and coherent emotion. The ‘Sentic’ musical wave geometry of emotion points to a geometric type of cookie cutter of ratios achieved by the skill of learning to emote coherently. The bending of electric and magnetic fields by human glands, is literally a kind of universal language. It permits human electricity to create, braid, and fabricate ecosystems.

Now with the Andromedans et al, confirming that the nature of intent is critical to the human emotional choice, we may learn a new key piece of the emotional geometric puzzle. We have said that the ability of emotion to fabricate ecosystems lies in glandular effects which are like lenses making pictures out of magnetism. Now we must ask what it is that the principle of emotional INTENT does to direct and steer this glandular ecosystem-bending wave guide mechanic.

You waltz into a life-changing situation, and you realize that an intent you stated to your inner self years ago, has ultimately steered the evolution of the situation’s braid into the now. So indeed, and of course, what really started the crystallization of this NOW, was the shape of intent many years ago.

This could be a kind of scenario for the constellation of intent and the steerage for waves which created the present situation, out of a myriad of possibilities. Somehow, and quite physically, intent steered those waves which made the present possible, just as dialing an aperture of direction into a submarine, steered the rudder of that ship. The waves of light which did not descend helter skelter into this present, did in fact quite apparently consult with the lords of intent, before choosing their steerage direction into the NOW. Our horizon of intention is the distance in time through which we could conceive light coming. We now have a language to understand how intent steers those waves into the fractal compression of the present.

In a way, if we regard seriously our idea that fractal recursion of waves creates the gravity of attraction we call phi-cycle mass, then indeed, we must ask: how could intent steer waves already most bound and determined to sail for the center of the nearest and best fractal. (Because this is the greatest and only true principle of attraction for waves… the g-ray of vita, gravity of life, el eye phi,.)

There you were launching the ship, and someone said, “Have you set by intent the direction of your sail?” What is it specifically in the quality of intent itself, which is and gives direction? What is it about intent which gives the most long-range quality for determining direction?

We considered the way in which recursion provided the only and necessary launch mechanism to photon harmonics giving them the heterodyne, add and multiply (Phi-bonnacci), which provided the only aperture through the speed of light barrier. When a black hole absorbs all light in its vicinity, it does so by providing the most fractal implosive attractor to the photon spin. In a sense, all perspective is consumed by the most fractal attractor in the region.

Intent as the director for these approaching threads of spin is the Gordian knot to be unraveled. The key to understanding intent’s ability to shape the waves that are converging to make the future is understanding wherein to access the door through the time barrier. Remember that time is a measure of relative spin both in the sense of duration and velocity. The spin of our planet choreographs wave fronts which by their agreement on velocity, remain converged to make the present. When the wave fronts can also propagate in an orderly way, through the speed limit of light, then they are free to dance into the harmonic convergence of orbits of the Earth’s spin in its future revolution. The key is to understand that time itself is shepherded into discipline by the very barrier that the speed of light provides. Harmonics above the speed of light, become literally harmonic wave fronts through time.

And as we have suggested elsewhere (Physics of Phi), the pentagonal symmetry upon which all life is based, permits recursion based on Phi. In this geometry, the interference of the light wave fronts adds AND multiplies so well, that entirely constructive IMPLOSION of pressures becomes possible. The problem for Einstein to understand time distortion at a black hole, was the problem of modeling infinite compression. The PHI (GOLDEN MEAN) interference heterodyne of wave fronts solves this problem. We call this recursion or self re-entry, the onset of self-awareness in wave systems.

We are now close to looking at the relationship of intent to this onset of recursion/self-awareness, and thus to being able to steer light into the future. When someone is so self-aware, so implosively recursive in the density of the magnetism exuded from their glands, it is as if they are empowered to grab the delicate threads of light moving through the light speed and time barrier. This is because, only in the condition of near-perfect embeddedness or recursion, do these velocity modes of light become accessible. Think of a seamstress being suddenly gifted with fine enough fingers to touch the most gossamer of threads in the weft and woof of creation. When intent becomes pure or self-aware or self-embedded, the magnetic implosion in the glands, perceived as the psycho-kinetic rush at the moment of revelation, the density and velocity threads of light pushing through the light and time barrier are given over to the bending and shaping of their trajectories. Essentially, all of the light bending from the line of energy to the circles we call matter, comes under the control of those whose inner magnetism or spirit has become the most attractive or fractal. Intent has become our name for the shaping which becomes possible when this inner rush of spin, allows us to lean into the flow of time itself.

PURE intent, then becomes a name for the most distributable of wave patterns, made possible by the implosion of recursion/self-awareness. The reason this gives us leverage on time itself is because the very self-similarity or fractality which implodes to make waves self-aware, is the implosive connector itself to light wave fronts moving through the non-linear accelerator-tornadoes which result when waves are invited to that much centering. Mind inhabits flame, where there is flame, waves have agreed.

Intent reaches our wishes magnetically into the threads of the future, by inviting the present pressures to thrust themselves with perfectly shareable or self re-entrant symmetry through the wave convergence of multiplied velocities we call the event horizon. To change the future or past sustainably, requires feeling for its most shareable or distributable destinies. Time measures relative spin, when the time spiral is recursive this makes time, itself a continuum for the shaping of spin, potentially self-aware! Entering the time continuum requires honoring that it too has will. To shamanically persuade the time lords or logoi to do YOUR will, like persuading the elementals, requires first that your love or feeling for their feeling, be as great as their own. Then they give over the threads of their spin centers to you for steerage.

The door out of our time bottle, requires love. The activity of choosing love (lo-phi), is to consciously embed the fields of feeling of others recursively into self.

Tracking time properly requires understanding the velocity bandwidths which the time lords (angelic logoi) regulate. Time’s spin domains become self-aware and viral, similar to spatial spin domains, when they are recursive. An example of non-recursive tracking of time which prevents self-empowering birth of awareness, by preventing proper magnetic embeddedness in galactic spin, is the papal western calendar we use. An example of a more embedded and spiral spin tracking of time which helps launch awareness to escape velocity is the Mayan Calendar. (Based on the DNA Codon symmetries embedded in the Solar periodicities.)

The Ophanim angelic logoi and the Michaelic schools through the templar/ grail agenda work to maintain the recursive coherence of the time rifts. They do this among other reasons, so that the morphic magnetic spirit input of the angelic “bird tribe” domains can continue to massage the wave envelope of our gene pool. We point to the dove anthropomorphos shape of the pent gothic cathedral layout on the European continent as a whole. The pointer is to Orion, through a pent matrix of cathedrals, creating recursion into a black hole. This creates magnetic escape velocity for souls through a star gate. The Ophanim Enochian keys are the symmetry operations to operate these star gates. To inherit the Aku angelic logoi destiny of our gene pool to operate star body creations, we use magnetism of glands fractal to the scale of galaxies, the symmetry of time domains.

Commentary from Molecular Biologist, Georgia Tech Ph.D. researcher..

With the discovery of recombinant DNA biotechnology, humanity made off with Mother Nature’s scissors. Unfortunately we know less than She. Editing the code of life with incomplete knowledge of meaning is like an electrician inside a supercomputer hacking out pieces assumed to be useless in order to make a „better“ machine.

Specifically, genetic engineers are currently redesigning plants, animals, and people ostensibly for herbicide resistance, and disease immunity. It is assumed that the preponderance of „junk“ DNA that intervenes between coding regions is inefficient, useless and could be removed for greater streamlining. In actuality these spans serve multiple biological functions (cancer prevention, gene induction) and should be left in place within the genome.

Eukaryotic organisms (those with a double DNA library) have small sequences of DNA able to remove themselves and reinsert elsewhere in the genome. These „jumping genes“ are usually latent and immobile, but under stress, become active. If they reinsert into a coding region of the genome they can disrupt a gene’s biological function causing a mutation and potentially cancer. Fortunately, the genome of eukaryotic organisms is characterized by vast stretches of non-coding „junk DNA“. If a jumping gene becomes active it is more likely to reinsert somewhere without causing harm. If genetic engineers attenuate non-coding regions, they may increase the likelihood of „jumping gene“-induced cancer.

Further, intervening sequences (introns) can be necessary for effective gene induction. For DNA to be converted to RNA from a coding sequence (gene), an upstream promoter must be induced. In some instances the DNA-binding protein required to turn on the gene must bind to the DNA in two places at once separated at times by hundreds of intervening base pairs (rungs of the ladder). DNA achieves this by bending the intron to accomodate dual binding by the DNA-binding protein. In this case, removal of the required intervening sequence would destroy proper gene induction.

In addition to the molecular necessity of introns for genetic function, there is also a less immediately tangible requirement for non-coding DNA stretches for biological health. It has been hypothesized that DNA serves as an antennae for electromagnetic capacitance. If the genome has been fragmented to such a degree that it can no longer vibrate with the long wave within which other waveforms nest, those waveforms (memories) will be lost. The tingle of life transmitted through healthy, coherent DNA becomes absent. Humans feeding upon chickens and grains adulterated hrough genetic engineering may soon find themselves feeling devoid of the charge gleaned from organisms whose DNA was able to infuse their tissues with the electromagnetic charge known as life force. With rampant cases of chronic fatigue syndrome in adults, and attention deficit disorder in children, one may infer that our cellular batteries are being insufficiently charged.

Adonia McKinzi, Ph.D. Molecular Biologist

We thank molecular biologist Dr. McKinzie who wrote this piece for us. And also there is another fundamental issue which the academic community is completely blind about. That is the obvious fact that DNA is a RADIO STATION. Biologists determine DNA densities using UV signatures. No one to my knowledge even followed up on the early Russian work showing that here was a strong ultraviolet light and radio frequency burst MEASURABLE FROM DNA PARTICULARLY AT THE MOMENT OF MEIOSIS/MITOSIS. Of course academics have their head in the sand about the hi frequency DNA broadcast signatures (the Boson 7 story), which were used to screen who could time travel at Montauk.

Star Birth Bardo in the Body of Orion

by Vincent Bridges


Just west of where the Nile begins to widen out into the fan-shaped delta, a rough limestone escarpment rises a few hundred feet and then flattens off into a wind swept plateau. An ancient civilization built a complex pattern of structures on the edge of the plateau, structures which have fascinated humanity throughout its history. Consider the tale, first written down in the XVIIth Dynasty from a Middle Kingdom version of a IVth Dynasty original, of Prince Radjedef, the Djedi and King Khufu. The King and his four sons are relaxing at the palace telling stories of famous magicians. Radjedef tops them all by announcing that he knows of a living magician equal to those of the past. Khufu is interested and Radjedef tells him of the Djedi, or stable one, who is apparently ageless and knows many things, including „the shrines of the secret chambers of the enclosure of Tehuti.“ Now Khufu is really interested, because the King „had spent much time in seeking for himself these secret chambers of the enclosure of Tehuti to fashion for himself their likeness for his horizon.“ Khufu dispatches Radjedef to bring the Djedi back to the palace.


He returns with the Djedi, who quickly charms and awes the court with his magickal abilities. Then the King comes to the point: „Now, as for the rumor that you know the number of the shrines of the secret chamber of the enclosure of Tehuti…?“


Djedi says that he does not, although he knows where that information can be found. „There is a box of flint in a chamber called the Revision of On.–in that box.“ The Djedi claims that he cannot recover this information, but the eldest of the triplets then in the womb of the wife of the high priest of „Re, Lord of Sakhbu,“ will discover the information and found a new Dynasty.


Whatever we may think of the miraculous origins of the Vth Dynasty, this tale poses some interesting questions. Just what is the „enclosure of Tehuti?“ And what are the „shrines of the secret chambers“ whose likeness Khufu wants for his own „horizon?“ Why is it that the information concerning these secrets could be found in a chamber called „Revision“ in On, or Heliopolis as the Greeks called it a thousand years into its decline?


The so-called Inventory Stele of Khufu, found in the Isis Chapel near Khufu’s mortuary temple at Giza in the 1850’s, suggests that the „enclosure of Tehuti“ is none other than the Great Pyramid complex itself. The stele clearly states that at least the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx were in existence at the time Khufu ascended to the throne. Peter Lemesurier, a pyramid scholar, has speculated that Khufu, which means simply (he) „protects us,“ assumed the name of the traditional builder of the pyramid, Knum Khufu, or „Knum protects us,“ to symbolize his possibly re-incarnative connection with this semi-mythical builder. One of the earliest artifacts of Egyptian civilization, the Narmer palette, indicates that the pyramids predated the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. A pyramid in a rectangular enclosure looms over the right shoulder of Narmer/Menes on the Lower Egypt side of the tablet like some relic from a forgotten age.


The Djedi story then presents us with the image of a King who doesn’t know the secret chambers of his own tomb, if we are to believe the Egyptologists. But the enclosure of Tehuti is clearly no tomb, and Khufu is sincerely interested in discovering its secrets. What these shrines of the secret chambers might be is suggested by the archaic title for the ancient Nome or precinct of On, Sakhbu. The literal translation of this word is „soul star place,“ and the ancient Egyptians used it to describe the entire plateau at Giza.


The „soul star place,“ which contains the enclosure of Tehuti and its secret chambers, is the Duat on earth through which the King travels as he makes his journey toward re-birth in Re’s Boat of a Million Years. Khufu wishes to know its secret so that his horizon, his transition, might truly result in immortality among the imperishable stars. This was no idle concern for Khufu. The Djedi story suggest that his failure to understand the mystery caused the failure of his Dynasty. It would be the Vth Dynasty Pharaohs who would bring forth or make public the secrets of the enclosure of Tehuti.


But the „soul star place“ remains, and its inconceivably ancient monuments continue to haunt us with their mystery. But perhaps, just perhaps, the shrines of the secret chambers, like some time locked vault, have begun to open and we can glimpse an awe-filled universe of meaning and connection.




The secret chambers began to open in 1989 with an article in the Oxford journal, Discussions in Egyptology. Engineer Robert Bauval argued that not only did the pyramids at Giza exhibit a grand unified pattern, but that pattern mirrored the stars in the constellation of Orion. In ancient Egypt, Orion was the „Place of Osiris,“ suggesting a deep connection between the constellation and the myth of death and rebirth. Bauval’s idea made sense, (he would go on to co-author the bestsellers, The Orion Mystery and The Message of the Sphinx) and further investigation has shown that the entire pyramid field, from Dashur to Abu Roash, mirrors the stars in the sky above it.


The plan of the Giza pyramids also exhibits an amazing degree of geometrical and mathematical coherence. For example, the three pyramids fit inside a rectangle formed from a vesicia piscis, from which the generative roots (the square root of 2, 3 and 5) are derived. The vesicia piscis also determines the angle of each face and the height of the floor of the King’s chamber. R..J.. Cook demonstrated that a geometrical axial system linked the smaller pyramids with the center pyramid. He found that this system of linkages was based on the use of 60 degree and 26.5 degree angles.


Sixty degrees is the angle of an isosceles triangle; 26.5 degrees is the angle of the diagonal of a double square. The floor of the King’s Chamber is a double square and the ascending and descending passages are set at 26.5 degrees; this can hardly be accidental. The entire complex seems arranged to create a pointer indicating the helical rising of Orion/Osiris. Even more fascinating, a line drawn at 26.5 degrees north of east, the indicator point for the pre-dawn rise of Orion, runs from the second pyramid to Bethlehem in Palestine. Given the similarity between the dying god Osiris and the resurrected Christ, this alignment suggests an ancient stellar connection much too significant to be co-incidental.


A number of Giza researchers, including Max Toth, Rocky McCollum and William Buehler, have noticed that the arrangement of the three major pyramids produces a short section of a Golden Mean spiral. Extending this spiral on the ground leads to a small rise in the escarpment a few kilometers to the south-east of the pyramid complex. This area has received very little archeological attention since it covers a portion of the local village’s cemetery. The 1947 survey map notes the existence, near the center of the spiral, of an unidentified ruin of which nothing seems to have survived to the present. Without more research, including on-site inspection, the ground level Golden Mean spiral seems to be a dead end.


But, adds journalist, author and esoteric philosopher Jay Wiedner, what if we draw the Golden Mean spiral in the sky? If the pyramids are a model of the stars in Orion’s belt, then they should also describe a small section of the Golden Mean spiral. If we continue the line in the sky, following the yellow brick road of the Golden Mean, we arrive at the heart of the figure of Orion/Osiris.


Visually, this appears to be an empty region of space, but radio and x-ray astronomy reveal a seething area of collapsing stellar material below and to the left of the shoulder star, Bellatrix. Stars are being born in the heart of Orion. Indeed, the general area of Orion has more stellar formation occurring than anywhere else in our local galactic neighborhood.


The complex geometry of Giza, the Sakhbu or „soul star place,“ apparently was designed to embed and encode certain „truths“ about the star fields of Orion. Giza’s monuments function as a cosmic clock, ticking off the ages through cyclical stellar alignments while establishing galactic scale resonance with the regions of energetic star birth far off in Orion. This resonating clock reminds of us who we are and where we came from on a galactic scale. It holds our cosmic memory, that echo of self-awareness that allows us to overcome our monkey body programming.


Tron, the self-aware computer program in Disney’s film of the same name, claims his identity through memory: „I have seen the starships burning off the shoulder of Orion.“




Our third question remains: If the enclosure of Tehuti is the pyramid complex itself and the shrines of the secret chambers are the stellar alignments and geometric resonance points on the Giza plateau, then how can this information be found in a flint box in a storeroom in Heliopolis?


Dan Winter, gnostic alchemist and author of Embedability & the Heart Biofeedback, has suggested that the answer is perhaps a symmetry set of the phase angles of the nesting platonic solids, theosophy’s greater maze. Or, in other „words,“ mathematics. And this does make sense; the monuments on Giza were there for all to see, no secret there. But how to use them was a secret that could be coded into a text and stored with a few models in a flint box.


Given that the „Book of Coming Forth unto the Light,“ the core of the Pyramid Texts, appeared near the end of the Vth Dynasty, maybe SahuRe, the eldest of the royal triplets, did indeed find that flint box with the secret operating manual for the „soul star place.“


The Pyramid Texts, mankind’s oldest religious writings, were carved on the internal walls of one Vth Dynasty pyramid and four more from the VIth Dynasty. Frozen, like an ant in amber, these inscriptions record the definitive expression of an ancient star religion, whose beliefs included the translation of the dead king into a star in the constellation of Orion. Even the Victorian Egyptologists with their Christian and solar bias agreed that the Pyramid Texts had greater antiquity than the Vth Dynasty. Gaston Maspero, their original discoverer and translator, thought that „the greater part were originally written during the pre-historic period of Egypt.“ That is, at least before about 3300 BC.


Professor R. T. Rundle Clark, who had a great respect for the Pyramid Texts, notes that „the rising of Orion in the southern sky after the time of its invisibility is the sign–Osiris has been transformed into a ‚living soul.‘ “ (Remember, the ability to mark this moment is one of the major design factors involved in the overall plan of the monuments on Giza. This line, indicated by the 26.5 degree angle north of east, points to the summer solstice sunrise at the time of Orion’s return; it also runs to Bethlehem.) The Texts themselves are quite clear on this: „Behold he has come as Orion, behold Osiris has come as Orion — O king, the sky conceives you with Orion, the dawn-light bears you with Orion — you will regularly ascend with Orion from the eastern regions of the sky, you will regularly descend with Orion in the western region of the sky.“ (Pyramid Texts, line 820-2)


„O king, you are this Great Star, the Companion of Orion, who traverses the sky with Orion, who Navigates the (Duat) Netherworld with Osiris; you ascend from the east of the sky, being renewed in your due season, and rejuvenated in your due time. The sky has born you with Orion. . .“ (Pyramid Texts, line 882-3)


A little further along in the same passage, we find an important clue: „I am a soul. . . I (am) a star of gold…“ (Pyramid Texts, Line 886-9)


Thus the dead King, as an „Osiris,“ evolved to inhabit a newly born stellar matrix in the constellation of Orion. The Duat, translated as Netherworld by most Egyptologists, actually appears to be the star birth Bardo field in the heart of Orion. There the newly immortal King must „Navigate the Duat“ as a companion of Orion/Osiris. Significantly, the Osiris-king announces: „The sky is pregnant of wine (the dawn-light), Nuit has given birth to her daughter, the dawn-light, I raise myself indeed…“ (Pyramid Texts, line 1082-3)


In several places in the Pyramid Texts, a curious statement is made: „The (dead) king’s sister is Sothis, (Sirius) his offspring is the Morning Star. . .“ (Pyramid Texts, lines 357, 929, 935, 1707) It is easy to see Isis, Osiris‘ sister/wife, as the star Sirius, which follows Orion in the sky. But to see Horus, Osiris‘ offspring, as the Morning Star, Venus, takes a bit of understanding–until we remember that Venus, rising against the zodiac of the ecliptic, creates a five pointed star through time. This symbol, a star made of five lines drawn from a common center toward the points in the zodiac of Venus‘ rising, covers the ceiling of Unas‘ pyramid where the earliest Pyramid Text is inscribed.


Horus, the son of Osiris, was the prototype of the earthly king; the Egyptian Pharaohs ruled in his name. As such, the symbol of Horus preserves the idea of transcendence and the possibility of stellar evolution. Again, the Pyramid Texts give a flavor of this: „. . .and Har-Sopd has come forth from you as Horus who is in Sothis (Isis). . . and he protects you in his name of Horus, the son who protects the father. . .“ (Pyramid Texts, lines 632-3) Har-Sopd, or Horus who is the morning star, is depicted as a hawk-headed human with a Nuit star in a circle above his head.


If the Pyramid Texts are truly the operating manual for the monuments on Giza and their evolutionary resonance with the star fields of Orion, then they deserve much more study than they have received in the century or so since their discovery. Others, primarily Robert Bauval in The Orion Mystery, have drawn attention to these clues, but Egyptologists and archeologists have been slow to respond. No attempt has been made to examine other texts of comparable antiquity, such as the Builder Texts of Edfu and Dendera, for more clues. It is as if this tantalizing evidence of man’s early fascination with this vibrantly creative area of stellar birth leads to a dead end.


Perhaps for the academics, with reputations to make and preserve, it does. But for the group of mystics, scientists and esoteric philosophers I call the „Post-Modern Alchemists,“ these clues provide startling evidence of ancient Egypt’s knowledge of the equivalent of a spiritual unified field theory. For them, the monuments on Giza are reminders of humanity’s galactic destiny.




Let’s start with the clue about gold. „. . .I am a soul. . . I (am) a star of gold. . .“ Osiris/Pharaoh announces. Before we dismiss this as mere poetry, remember that the Egyptian hieroglyphic language was capable of a dense structure of meaning. The „soul,“ sa, has a precise meaning. It is the wave nature, the flow of the breath, of the spirit, the khu. The Bible word „ruach,“ breath or spirit, preserves this meaning. In Genesis, we are told that God’s breath, His „ruach,“ moved across the waters of chaos to begin the process of creation. The sages of On would have agreed, saying that Re put forth his sa as he rose from the waters of Nun.


Therefore, the king is declaring that he has entered the state of being called „soul,“ a state where the flow of spirit is self-sustaining, self-referencing and self-aware. To be a soul is to have the possibility of immortality.


He reinforces this by declaring that he has become „a star of gold.“ This also has a very precise meaning. One of the deepest held secrets of the Egyptian mysteries was how to rearrange the Nuit star, five lines pointing out from a common center, into an interlocked pentagram, the same five lines crossing around the common center to create an infinite nest of Phi ratios. To the Egyptian sages, this symbolized the embedding of cosmic evolution, the Horus current, into biological evolution.


And indeed, this pentagonal array is a constant in nature, appearing in everything from the petals on a flower to the bipedal symmetry of the human form. The Pythagoreans claimed that the pentagram was the perfect symbol of humanity, and that its extension into space, the Gnostic „light in extension,“ the dodecahedron, was the ultimate symbol of spirit.


Just as the pentagram is a nest of phi ratio recursion, gold, by its atomic geometry, is the most fractally recursive element. The outer d/f electron sub-shells exhibit a 5/7 symmetry pairing, which gives gold the shape of the perfect dodeca-icosa fractal. The dodecahedron, the Pythagorean symbol of spirit, nests with the icosahedron, the symbol for water, to create a polygon that models the fractally attractive gravity well of our planetary jewel.


Alchemist Dan Winter comments that „because of this quantum recursion optimized in gold’s electron valence, when gold is made soluble in blood, it has the function of creating wormhole magnetic implosion in the blood. (Implosion is the ultimate connectivity device, and sorts by shareablity of function among waves.)“ The alchemical process of making gold soluble in blood, the white powder Elixir of Immortality of the medieval alchemists, has been described at length by another post-modern alchemist, David Hudson.


Basically, ionized gold particles are subjected to a powerful and recursively shaped capacitive charge. The gold particles then do a pop-corn-like inside-out maneuver in their electron geometry. David Hudson calls this new form of gold „Ormes,“ and suggests that it’s now soluble in the blood. As Dan Winter noted: „Gold as a valence atomic fractal makes field-effect sorting by implosion happen in the blood artificially making immune systems sustainable (immortal).“


So the newly dead king’s statement can now be read as: „I am a self-sustaining, self-aware being, whose fractality is as infinite as the perfect shape of gold.“ Suddenly, we are on a different level of understanding. With a flash, we see that the Egyptians were not just superstitious priests worshipping the sky out of ignorance, they were spiritual scientists with deep insight into the nature of reality and the physics of immortality. This insight seems to have come from the original creators of the Giza complex, those ancient sages who wrote down the secret texts and stored them in that flint box in Heliopolis.


Whether we consider these ancient sages as part of the lost prehistory of the human race or as visitors from another star system, their interest in gold mining and processing is demonstrated by the ruins and traces they left behind. Z. Sitchin, in his extensive re-visioning of the Babylonian myths, has suggested that these alien visitors were mining gold to help repair a damaged atmosphere on their home planet. The fractal quality of gold would help increase the gravity of a planet and therefore help hold an atmosphere, but even ionized throughout the planet’s surface, it hard to see how even tons of gold would help. Yet, the ancient civilization, as shown by Graham Hancock in Fingerprints of the Gods, was certainly deeply concerned with mining and processing gold.


If the use of alchemical gold, (alchemy, remember, comes from Al Khem, the black land of Egypt) as a technological way to attain immortality suggests that embedding recursion into the blood, into the DNA, is the key, then there must be non-technological ways to produce the same effect. Dan Winter suggests that the use of alchemical gold produces a Borg-like collective consciousness, but does not facilitate the development of a soul, becoming in the end a materialist dead-end. The Pharaoh did not become a soul by eating alchemical gold alone, he underwent another, internal, process to become a star of gold, a soul inhabiting a stellar matrix in the heart of Orion.


This internal process is based on embedding fractality in the DNA by the realization of infinite compassion — literally, the oldest trick in the book.


Work by Lee Sanella and Isaac Bentov has shown that the onset of neural superconductivity, the tantric kundalini, is mediated by the sonic entrainment of the heart’s rhythm. Dan Winter, demonstrated that the heart’s ECG rhythm embeds Phi ratios at the moment of compassion, or expressing love. In the same book, Dan speculated that coherent heart rhythms could braid immunity into the cell at the level of its DNA structure. A recent article, December, ’96, by Dr. Irving Dardik in Cycles magazine entitled „Heart Waves as Fractality,“ confirms that fractal immune identity is a possible solution to chronic illness. Perfect fractality, perfect coherence and self-awareness produces perfect immunity, or near immortality of the body.


By meditating on compassion, feeling the feelings of all beings, DNA is braided into more complex and coherent patterns. These complex patterns can then contain the super-conductive neural charge of kundalini onset and use this higher charge energy flow to braid a new being, the state of inhabiting a soul. This soul charge can then be used to open the magnetic wormhole to the star fields in Orion. Or, it can be used to create a diamond imperishable body for use as a teaching vehicle down here on earth.


From the Tibetan Buddhist tradition comes many examples of the latter use this implosive soul force. Padmasambhava, the tantric master who brought Buddhism to Tibet, is said to have attained his diamond body in the Asura Cave in Nepal after three years of tantric meditations. Something happened in that cave; the whole hillside is still pervaded with an astral intensity strong enough to grow a Tara image out of solid rock. Padmasambhava himself demonstrated the power of this transformation by melting the rock of the cave wall and pressing his hand into it like Clark Gable in wet cement on Hollywood Boulevard.


The Pharaoh then, as he began his journey to the star fields, should be seen as a kind of Bodhisatva, an enlightened being making a leap of evolution. The Pharaoh would, in theory, have completed the tantric-type compassion realization and then perhaps used a trace of alchemical gold to crystallize the process. Done properly, this would result in a compassionate, enlightened being capable of compassionately inhabiting a newly born star.


Carried to its end, the implications of this belief system suggests that our own star, the sun, is also inhabited by a vast compassionate and enlightened being. From this perspective, it is easy to understand the solar influence on Egyptian religion. Even Akhnaton’s insistence on worshipping the sun’s physical body, the Aton, as the only source of divinity makes sense as a way of   establishing and strengthening a direct communication with that vast compassionate being whose star body is our sun.




The monuments of the „soul star place“ and their hieroglyphic operating manual, the Pyramid Texts, offer solid evidence of an advanced civilization far back in prehistory who understood both the stellar mechanics of our local galactic neighborhood and the psycho-dynamics of neural superconductivity. This alone should make us sit up and take notice. That it does not may have consequences far beyond our comprehension.


What happened to the advanced civilization that designed and built these monuments? Was it destroyed in some cosmic catastrophe predicted by its own cosmic clock? Is that catastrophe point approaching critical once again?


Such distant cultural groups as the Mayan and the Tibetan point to a date around 2012 as the crisis point. Terrence McKenna, in his „Time Wave Zero“ computer program, which uses the permutation pattern found in the primal arrangement of the I Ching’s trigrams, predicts that novelty, or lack of continuity in ideas, will also reach infinite around December of 2012.


A clue to the dynamics of this cosmic crisis can be found in the work of Nick Fiorenza on what he calls the „Erection of the Holy Cross.“ From our location in space, orbiting the sun, the center of the galaxy lies in the direction of the zodiacal sign Sagittarius. This unmoving axis locates us in space in relation to the center of the galaxy. The plane of our solar system is tilted 60 degrees from the galactic plane. The sun’s orbit around a center point near Alcyone in the Pleiades and the earth’s wobbling precession around the sun create another moving axis marked by the zodiacal sign of the spring and autumn equinoxes. As we approach a spring equinox that falls at the beginning of the sign of Aquarius, our two axis, galactic and local, approach a 90 degree angle.


When this happens, the informational and energetic inertia of the entire galaxy will implode in our local systems‘ backyard. This cyclical implosion of galactic energy may have caused the planetary disaster that destroyed the builders of Giza. Graham Hancock, in Fingerprints of the Gods, notes the powerful geological evidence for some kind of catastrophe around 11,000 BC. Curiously enough, this was the last time the „Holy Cross“ alignment swept through our galactic neighborhood.


Perhaps this cosmic event is meant to be a harvesting mechanism for biologics who have learned to inhabit „souls“ through the realization of compassion. If that is the case, then learning to weave your Bardo body into nicely fractal flows of self-awareness as infinite compassion may just become the ultimate survival skill.


The geometry of Giza’s monuments and their resonance with the star fields of Orion teaches us that human evolution has a cosmic, stellar component. The pyramid complex holds our contiguous memory through the implosion of galactic catastrophe, and offers us hope for our own evolution. The ancient star religion believed that sentience was evolving toward ever greater levels of compassionate awareness as a living stellar matrix, coalescing and nurturing the planetary jewels in hopes of nourishing life, which would in turn evolve toward stellar sentience.


As Nuit declared in the first section of the Book of the Law: „Every man and every women is a star.“


Grün-Rot ermöglicht Fallenjagd auf Fuchswelpen in Baden-Württemberg :-(

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Die Jungtiere werden mittels Drahtgitterfalle am Ausgang des Fuchsbaus gefangen, wenn die Elterntiere auf Nahrungssuche sind. Wenn die arglosen Welpen sich zum Spiel ins Freie begeben, versperrt ihnen die Klapptür der Falle den Weg zurück in den Bau. So müssen sie oft stundenlang ausharren, bis der Jäger sie erschlägt oder in der Falle erschießt. Bisher war für den Einsatz derartiger Fallen eine Sondergenehmigung erforderlich; diese soll künftig wegfallen.


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Mein Name ist Marianne Grimmenstein. Ich bin Musiklehrerin aus Lüdenscheid und engagiere mich seit Jahren in verschiedenen Bürgerinitiativen z.B. für bundesweite Volksentscheide und den Erhalt unserer Volkshochschule in der Stadtmitte. Ich möchte TTIP und CETA stoppen, weil die Abkommen unsere Gesellschaft und viele soziale und ökologische Errungenschaften bedrohen.

Daher hatte ich 25. August 2014 beim Bundesverfassungsgericht eine eigene selbstformulierte Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen CETA eingereicht. Diese wurde leider nicht zur Entscheidung angenommen. Die Abweisung wurde damit begründet, dass meine Verfassungsbeschwerde die mögliche Verletzung meiner eigenen Grundrechte nicht genügend mit Tatsachen untermauert.

Doch ich gebe nicht auf! Da der CETA-Text am 26. September 2014 veröffentlicht wurde, habe ich mehrere Juristen zu Rate gezogen, um die weitere Vorgehensweise zu klären. Die einzige Möglichkeit CETA rechtsverbindlich zu kippen, ist eine neue, gut begründete Verfassungsbeschwerde, die von einem renommierten Rechtsprofessor ausgearbeitet wird. Prof. Dr. Andreas Fisahn von der Universität Bielefeld hat sich bereit erklärt, die neue Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen CETA zu verfassen und die Vertretung zu übernehmen.

Ich möchte, dass dies die größte Verfassungsbeschwerde in der Geschichte Deutschlands wird. Dazu brauchen wir mindestens 40.000 Mitkläger. Eine Teilnahme ist kostenlos.  Darum bitte ich jeden möglichst die Vollmachterklärung herunterzuladen, gut leserlich auszufüllen, persönlich zu unterschreiben und mir per Post schnellstens, aber spätestens bis zum 28. Februar 2015 zuzusenden. Bitte verbreiten Sie die Vollmachtserklärung auch unter Ihren Freunden und Bekannten.

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