Die Ehre der Paten – Russlands Mafia – unbedingt ansehen!

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„Trojanische Wolken“ – HAARP – Chemtrails

Published on Apr 25, 2014

Das Ausbringen von Aerosolen mit Flugzeugen in der Stratosphäre zum angeblichen Ziel des „Geo-Engineerings“, nämlich den Klimawandel zu bremsen. Dies würde im Gegenteil die weitere Zerstörung der Ozonschicht bedeuten, was bekanntermaßen einen Anstieg der UV-B Strahlung zur Folge hätte – und damit unter anderem ein erhöhtes Hautkrebs-Risiko!
So lagen die UV-B Messwerte Mitte April bei 9,4!

Chemtrails sind ein zentraler Bestandteil der Wettermanipulation, dass man uns als „Rettung“ des Klimas verkaufen möchte aber was ganz anderes im Schilde führe, (Nahrungsmittelmonpoliserung, Eugenik, Ausrrottung aller lizenzfreien, natürlichen Lebensmittel und Nutzpflanzen jeder Art, GMO-Kontaminierung des gesamten Planeten…).
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Die offene Wunde von 9-11 — Die dunkle Seite der Verschwörer aufgedeckt



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By  Preston James and Mike Harris

We now have the secret Able Danger Report and the AEC Sandia Labs Report which lists all the Perps responsible for planning, deploying and covering up the attack on America on 9-11-01 which was nuclear.

The 9-11-01 Perps were so frightened of this Able Danger investigation that Rumsfeld and Blackjack lured them to the special newly reinforced Naval Intel Section of the Pentagon on the morning of 9-11-01 for an emergency meeting.

That part of their cover story was in a sense rue, the rest was a Big Lie used to lure them to certain assassination.

Once they arrived and were securely positioned in a special designated meeting room, they were assassinated with a cruise missile accompanied by a large conventional jet that did a flyby over the Pentagon right before to confuse witnesses.

In this Pentagon attack, 38 of the 50 Able Danger investigators were killed, and the other 15 were not there.

Colonel Anthony Shaeffer was missing that terrible day, but he has not been willing or able to come clean in the CMMM, especially Fox news where he has been a frequent guest, or just never got the whole Able Danger finding before most of them were murdered. He may have been kept away from the main part of the investigation by the Perps.

Perhaps Colonel Schaeffer is concerned of having the full 9-11-01 coverup mechanism brought down on him to speak out and fully disclose what he knows, or the fact that his secrecy clearance has been removed perhaps intimidating him to keep silent about the specifics he is aware of about the Perps of 9-11-01.

Yes, maybe Colonel Schaeffer doesn’t know the whole story that some Able Danger Investigators were tracking nuclear pitts stolen out the back door at Pantex in Texas, taken to Israel to be reprocessed, brought back to America and then stored in near NYC at Fort Lee.

9 11 Prior Knowledge Able Danger Hearing for Lt Col Anthony Shaffer in Congress C SPAN www keepvid com

Israel did 9/11 – All the Proof in the World

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