los kogui labor pastoral social colombia – Videos über die Kogis – verschiedene Sprachen


Hochgeladen am 02.02.2012

La comunidad Kogui de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta y la accion de la pastoral social Caritas de Colombia

Mensaje de los Mamos 1, Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta.

Hochgeladen am 05.01.2012

mensaje de los mamos, parte 1. encuentro con nuestros hermanos mayores Sierra nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

Moma Kuncha Invitation to the Gathering in Columbia August 2011 – Videoserie

Hochgeladen am 21.02.2011

English Translation: Well… how to think of this… if we were to meet with our brothers and sisters, at the level of the origin, established by our mother, at that level it will be so we settle our spirits, to dialogue, to strengthen the continuance of our thoughts; for that the opportunity will have arrived this year.
Then, if the great nations, if their spirits, if the ones who are thinking towards the Sierra Nevada could settle down, in this manner at the spiritual level, at the level of the mother, so we could take care of each other and live together, only then the possibilities to understand each other (different cultures) would arise, looking forward the thoughts to never end.
Therefore, I will be here in the land of the indigenous people, waiting for the great nations, those who are watching over with their spirits, and those who are taking care of the thoughts … This is how we think. I only say that.
In the Sierra are also the spirits of all human kind.

For more information go to: http://adamdearmon.com/

The Black Line Journey (1/3)

Hochgeladen am 09.09.2010

Arhuaco, Kogi and Wiwa Mamos journey to sacred sights along the Black Line to Harmonize the Earth. To support the sacred work of these indigenous people to heal and maintain our planet, please consider donating to the Elder’s Project. More information can be found at http://www.earthaction.org/the-elders…


Leere Hüllen, Gefäße fürs Leben und Die Kogi Story


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