Area 51 – Außerirdische – Alien real

Area 51: The Alien Interview / Special Edition [Full Movie]

Published on Mar 24, 2015

Now available exclusively on The Alien Interview Channel, watch free the most talked about E.T. video in history. In the Special Edition, „Victor“ comes forward for the first time since May, 1997. In the last 17 years, the extraordinary video „Victor“ gave to the world has neither been successfully proven nor debunked. Watch the video — and decide for YOURSELF.
Now in High Definition for the first time, this 2014 Enhanced Edition of the cult documentary includes newly enhanced re-creation segments and was produced exclusively for The Alien Interview Channel.

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Area 51: The Alien Interview (1997, 2008)

Presented by Steven Williams (The X-Files, 21 Jumpstreet)

In 1997 „Victor“ provided a video tape that showed a supposed interview of an Alien EBE creature. The video within this documentary is the most controversial among all published videos of supposed „Alien authopsy“ or „Alien interview“ videos until this day.

Art Bell: „Victor“ Interview May 1997 [Area 51: The Alien Interview]…

Special Edition Content
„Victor“ Interview (11 Years Later):…

ufo ALIEN interview AREA51 majestic12 alien EBE-2 pt3


Alien – Außerirdische


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