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A Silent Forest – The Growing Threat, Genetically Engineered Trees – Agenda 21

Published on Jul 14, 2012

This video is uploaded under the fair use laws and is an educational tool only. I will happily remove this video if the original copyright owner ask me to do so.

Thanks Monsanto for attempting to destroying our natural world through GM manipulation of our staple food supply. This is the true environmental crisis facing our environment today. Whilst Al Gore and other money whores focus the world on the benevolent gas called Carbon, Monsanto continues virtually unrestricted in its efforts in destroying the natural world we have through GM technologies. Monsanto arm twists and lobbies world governments in restricting true food labeling so as to not clearly label the food we eat as being GM poison foods. It is about time WE WAKE UP and DEMAND our respective representatives force companies to have clear GM labeling on our supermarket produce. This will be our end if we do not fight to kill companies like Monsanto. GM foods will end Humanity as we know it. Do the research and GET SMART !!!!! Do it for the children. This technology is NOT needed nor wanted. With the rise of organic foods becoming more and more popular, and the rejection of GM foods, Monsanto is using robo judges and controlled courts to rule in the favor of Monsanto against Organic farmers when cross contamination is occurring when the organic farmer’s crop is infected with Monsanto’s poison GM crops. We must stand up to this or we will lose what it means to be Human. Do you want to be a GM Human ? or an Organic Human?

I think the answer is self-evident !

I know you do not have the time in our busy lives to spend to get your hands down and dirty with ‚research‘ and ‚activism‘, but i feel we have no choice in this matter. Turn the T.V. off and spend an hour a week looking into some of this information.

Do Google and Youtube searches on ‚GM cross contamination‘ ‚Farmers crops seized by Monsanto‘ and other such searches. Spend an hour looking into this, it will be worth it.

Your Vote (for what it is worth these days) and especially your purchasing dollar still has a value and can bring these evil companies down very quickly.

Remember that WE are the power, it is us that funds this crap and it can be us that starves these companies into oblivion, if we so choose.

In the end, the power is still truly with US. We hold all the cards and truly are always one step away from checkmating these fools, it is up to us, and always has been.

Just Turn That Stupid T.V. Off Already. Its That Simple.

Documentary- A Silent Forest. The Growing Threat, Genetically Engineered Trees- Full Movie – gelöscht

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