Valiant Thor, Visitor from Planet Venus, Lands Near Pentagon

Published on Apr 2, 2012 by

A space ship lands near the Pentagon and aliens emerge, the cops draw their weapons, as if they are going to do something. A craft has the ability to fly through space and they think these guns are useful against aliens, so far advanced? Shows you how bright we are and how warlike, as well. The cops should have smiled and asked, ‚Is the President expecting you?‘ Anyway, this is the story of one very lovely lady, named Jill and my devotion to her. It’s also about her side kick, Valiant Thor who lived at the Pentagon for three years, trying to get Nixon to give up the ’narcotic‘ and allow us to be healthy and live in peace, but Nixon just couldn’t shut off the flow of campaign contributions from those who make a killing off our illnesses and the drugs they push on us and so they hushed up this episode in the annals UFOlogy. Goodbye Tricky Dick! I visited your Library in Yorba Linda, California. I was the only one there. Maybe you should do a promotion to get people interested in your legacy of corruption, conspiracy and the child abuse that you left behind. Taylor Brice says ‚Hello, Rot in hell, you dirty bastard!‘ Thanks for the Memories!

Omnec Onec von der Venus, war sehr verärgert, weil man ihren Onkel Odin auf der Erde channelt, obwohl dieser doch am Leben ist, meinte sie. Immer wieder möchte ich darauf hinweisen, Channelings mit Skepsis zu betrachten. Wenn Außerirdische mit dir reden wollen, müssen diese nicht gechannelt werden, man kann mit denen auch reden, ganz normal reden!

Stranger at the Pentagon HD

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